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  • This week's theme: Famous Ships
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    1. * Mr. Cinqué (Leader of the #65A on July 2nd, 1839 aboard the Spanish slave ship, Amistad)
    7. Pound, punily
    9. * Side of a ship that is sheltered from the wind
    12. Moody
    13. Egyptian deity (bkwds.)
    14. * ?tahw eht rof tuokool eht no si pihselttab A
    16. * Q. "What was the name of that fearsome German battleship of the Second World War?" A. "It was the ___ _ think."
    18. * What some passengers undoubtedly did as the Titanic started to sink
    19. * Tidal wave, without the "nami" (Something that isn't good for ships!)
    20. * Ship that rescued the passengers who made it off the Titanic and onto lifeboats (bkwds.)
    22. Fargo's locale on an env.
    24. eman (0891) "emaF"
    25. Apple beverage
    28. * What the Titanic never did in New York City
    32. Opposite of #14D
    33. * Section of a Ship
    35. Subtlety, minus the "ce"
    36. * See #68A
    38. Make-a-City! _-a-_-r-o-b-_ (Capital of Kenya)
    39. * See #44A
    40. Culture medium
    41. * Walking the Plank means not walking on these on Pirate ships anymore!
    43. Mr. Bachman (Musical son of Randy the Musician)
    44. * One of the ships in the fleet of this Explorer was the #39A
    47. * Explorer who sailed The Matthew
    49. * Make-a-Word! _-c-e-b-r-e-_-k-_-_ (Sort of Ship)
    50. "!struh tahT"
    51. * On the 7th of May, 1915, off the coast of Ireland, a German submarine sank this ocean liner
    56., e.g.
    59. * ___ Elizabeth 2 (Cunard's flagship)
    60. * Famous ocean liner of France
    63. City of Idaho
    64. Atomic #20
    65. * See #1A and #48D
    66. * Make-a-Word! V-e-_-_-e-_ (Ship)
    67. "Don't ya think?"
    68. * Something a Treasure Hunter needs a supply of in order to stay underwater whilst searching for the treasure chest of a #36A


    1. Occupation
    2. * Question to the Stowaway: "Our ship, how on earth did you manage to get ___?"
    3. Term, tinily
    4. * Carrier made famous in a song by Gordon Lightfoot, with Fitzgerald
    5. Sports org.
    6. Greek deity
    7. One hundred thousand
    8. * Sister-Ship of the Titanic
    9. "Stormy Weather" (1943) name
    10. mlif-___ :mlif erutcip-noitoM
    11. eeb retfa retteL
    14. Joyful (bkwds.)
    15. * Name associated with Wireless Telegraphy (System that was used for communications at sea)
    17. Roman Numerals for 101
    21. Curve
    23. Piece of office furniture
    25. * Iron-Ore, for example (What #4D had aboard when it sank into the icy waters of Lake Superior in 1975)
    26. Nonpareil
    27. He (Initials) portrayed John-Boy on "The Waltons" (TV)
    28. The Ram
    29. Bryan Adams song, with You
    30. * Comment on the Luxury Liner: "I hope we get to ___ the Captain's table tonight."
    31. * Something spotted by a ship's Lookout ...but backwards?
    32. sworC fo seirC
    34. * Shackleton's Ship
    37. * Vacationers went on them on the television show "The Love Boat"
    39. Stinging insect (bkwds.)
    42. ___ & The Sunshine Band (Disco stars)
    45. * In 1898, the sinking of this United States battleship helped precipitate the Spanish-American War
    46. Have a Hunch
    48. * Fletcher Christian was the leader of the #65A on this ship in 1789
    51. evitcelloC htiw ,puorg kcoR
    52. Stead (bkwds.)
    53. * Builder of the Ark
    54. * (pu dnuow rewolfyaM eht no smirgliP eht erehw saw dnalgnE weN) trohs rof ,etats dnalgnE weN
    55. * Weaponry on a Warship, weenily
    57. Make-a-Word! T-_-a-_-_-n-_ (Swapping)
    58. * The White Star ___ (The Titanic was part of it)
    59. NFL players
    61. Pointe-___-Trembles (City in Québec)
    62. Hankering ...but jumbled?


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