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  • This week's theme: First Ladies & Kids
    Read about the Presidents' Wives and Kids or browse the Presidential Factfile


    1. * She was the First Lady to the 25th President of the United States
    4. Ms. West
    7. * Initials of First Lady Nancy's husband
    9. * He is the son and brother of two American Presidents
    12. tenoB .sM
    13. * Child of a President (See #7D for a Related Clue)
    14. Some trees, without the "ks"
    15. Royal successor, minus the "H"
    16. * First Lady whose son also became President (See #9A and #9D for Related Clues)
    19. Two-word-name acronym
    20. Pathway (abbr.)
    21. In the location of
    22. Egyptian deity
    23. Scold
    24. * Presidential wife who was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts
    29. Corridor
    32. A Bobbsey Twin
    33. "O" eht sunim ,ysaerG
    34. Not silently
    36. * First Lady who was born on Mar. 16th, 1912
    40. Mr. Gibson
    41. No ___, ands or buts!
    43. Business Name abbr.
    44. G -_-_-_ gniK :retsnoM eivoM
    46. * Oldest child of #50D
    49. Upper crust
    51. Develop, without the "lve"
    52. Three-toed sloths
    54. Biblical garden
    55. * Hillary Clinton made history when she became the first First Lady to do it
    60. Summer: French
    61. And: French
    62. Rocky's hello
    63. Consumed food
    65. Mr. Abner
    66. * After her first husband died in the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793, she (bkwds.) married the future President James Madison on September 15th, 1794 (See #64D for a Related Clue)
    70. Cathedral City (bkwds.)
    71. Vancouver's province, for short
    72. Maiden Name indicator
    73. * Nickname of President Johnson's wife: ___ Bird
    74. Definite Article ...scrambled up?
    75. Personify
    76. ocsicnarF htiw droW
    77. Terminate


    1. * Said by a First Lady to her Husband: "___ for my official portrait today, darling."
    2. Terrible
    3. Liturgical vestment
    4. * Hannah Van Buren's husband who was President
    5. Doctors' org.
    6. "!lleweraF"
    7. * First Lady whose daughter is #13A
    8. Cheer heard during a football game
    9. * She is the daughter and granddaughter of two American Presidents
    10. * First Lady to Dwight (bkwds.)
    11. Ship prisons
    12. * First Name of Mary's husband who was President
    17. Sound from the barn ...flipped around?
    18. Mr. Geller
    24. Building material for a house, without the "minum"
    25. Said to the Dentist: "Look at all of the ___ have between my teeth, Doctor."
    26. Collection of anecdotes
    27. * Daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt by his first wife
    28. United States military fort
    30. Mr. Baldwin
    31. The Kinks song
    35. Egg-Shaped (bkwds.)
    37. Associate
    38. Fred and Wilma's pet ...flipped around?
    39. Musical follower
    42. * President Harding's wife
    45. * #50D became the First Lady to this 35th President of the United States
    47. Sports official, briefly
    48. "No" to a Scot
    50. * Jacqueline Bouvier's middle name (See #46A and #45D for Related Clues)
    53. * Plea made by a future President to a future First Lady: "Will you marry me? --Please ___!"
    55. * Last Name (bkwds.) of the President who was married twice, thus having two First Ladies (After his first wife Letitia died in the White House, he married Julia Gardiner who served as First Lady for the remainder of his Presidential term)
    56. Useful
    57. * First Lady to President Taft (bkwds.)
    58. Swine enclosure
    59. Big follower
    63. * Nell Arthur never had a chance at being First Lady because she died of pneumonia (in 1880) before her husband Chester ___ Arthur became the 21st President of the United States in 1881
    64. * It is the Last Name of the first husband of #66A as well as being the Maiden Name of the First Lady at #12D
    66. Reflux
    67. * Daughter of #7A: Patricia ___
    68. Sort of Soup
    69. Building extension (bkwds.)


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