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  • This week's theme: Poetry
    Poetry Month Features


    1. * What poems often do
    6. * Narrative poem
    10. Flavour Enhancing Letters ...flipped around?
    13. * Poet who was born in 1788 and died in 1824
    14. Water squirter in the garden ...spelled backwards?
    15. Autumn leaf dropper
    16. Topic
    17. Collection of facts
    18. Party giver
    19. Military Title, for short
    21. * Official poet appointed to the Royal Household in Great Britain: Poet ___
    23. * What a lot of poetry is about
    26. Philosophy
    28. * It's in Westminster Abbey in London, England: Poets' ___ (The tomb of #9D is among the ones resting in it)
    29. "Island" in French
    30. Not dry
    31. Certain Shape, with the "gon" chopped off
    32. * Mr. Eliot who wrote "Poems" (1920)
    33. See eye to eye ...but backwards?
    35. Ending to "Allig"
    37. CEO's helper
    39. * From a Famous Poem: "___ are Red. Violets are Blue." (Continued at #46A)
    40. And not
    41. * He wrote "Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems" (1820)
    44. Hesitant sound
    45. * Pound the Poet
    46. * "Sugar is Sweet. ___ are You."
    47. State in the U.S.A.
    49. Canned fish
    51. Garfield, for one
    53. Mr. Mineo
    54. ".eveileb ___ s'tI" .A "?regnis yrtnuoc suomaf eht ,wonk uoy ,wollef skoorB taht fo eman tsrif eht s'tahW" .Q
    56. * Poetic contraction
    57. * Lyric poet
    58. * Roman poet who wrote this famous line: "What woman says to fond lover should be written in wind and running water."
    60. Tom Parker, for one and for short
    62. Awful ...but backwards?
    63. King Atahualpa, for one
    65. * Circa 1300, he began writing "The Divine Comedy"
    69. Study a Book a ga-ga way?
    70. Mr. Mikita
    71. Getting by: ___ out a living
    72. Mr. Rogers ...all shook up?
    73. Kind of instrument
    74. * Heard during a Poetry Lesson: "Though not exactly the same, songs are like poetry that's ___ music." (See #45D for a Related Clue)


    1. Baseball stat.
    2. Frenzy, without the "teria"
    3. 12 mo. periods
    4. * Line from a Legendary Limerick: "The ___ ran up the clock."
    5. Mr. Simmons ...flipped around?
    6. Letter of the Alphabet ...flipped around?
    7. * One of the 150 lyrical poems and prayers in the Old Testament
    8. Scintilla
    9. * He wrote "The Canterbury Tales" (Written mostly after 1387)
    10. One indicates pain
    11. * The concluding six lines of a sonnet
    12. * Poetic rhythm (pl.)
    15. * Poem by Poe
    20. Connect
    22. Copier Company, without the "Xe"
    23. More Greasy, without the "Oi"
    24. Substitute for butter
    25. * Piece of Poetry
    27. * Fixed number of lines in a part of a poem
    30. Used to be
    31. * Latin poet
    34. * Ms. Stein who wrote a volume of poetry called "Tender Buttons" (1914)
    36. Rocky hill
    38. Talk by the Telephone: "This ___ bit too big to fit by this phone. Is there a smaller one anywhere that I can use for writing messages on?"
    41. Kind of Chocolate Bar, with Kit
    42. Ruler of Russia
    43. Not on the market anymore
    45. * Class that poetry is often taught in at school
    47. Roman statesman and orator who was skilled in Latin prose
    48. * Heard in the Library: "'Did you say The Dynasts was the name of it? If so, I believe that's ___ poem."
    50. Twofold, without the "D"
    52. Curve
    55. Flipped around Last Name of music star Bonnie
    56. * Mr. Wilde who wrote "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" (1898)
    57. * He wrote "Songs of Innocence" (1789)
    59. Do Others connecter
    61. * Lyric poems
    64. Ms. Miller
    66. Insect egg
    67. Explosive letters
    68. The conscious mind


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