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  • This week's theme: Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor Remembered


    1. * Pearl Harbor: United States Naval ___
    5. * Japan's battle cry, when tripled
    9. Santa completer
    11. Robber's Remark: "Oh, ___ into vaults all the time."
    13. Mr. Wayans
    14. "Own" to a Scot
    15. * It was also targeted by the Japanese
    17. Music Fan's thought: "I think 'When I Need You' is ___ Sayer song."
    18. Animal with Antlers
    19. Home, briefly
    20. * It blared through the Control Tower at Pearl Harbor: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor. This Is Not ___"
    22. Look
    23. Dog, for example
    24. Prune
    25. Sheen movie
    26. Wedding announcement word
    28. Record co.
    30. Ms. Gardner, all shook up?
    32. Diner's comment: "The bowl of soup the waiter gave ___ a bug in it, too."
    34. Pinocchio's Promise: "I promise I won't be naughty ___ ever again!"
    36. Airline letters
    38. Hosp. locale
    39. Adjective-forming suffix
    41. Word with Women's
    42. Plaything
    43. Cancel Out, without the "lify"
    44. Panic at the Pantry: "Oh, no! Did ___ all of my chocolate chip cookies again?"
    46. Lead-in to "even keel"
    48. Greek dialect, without the "ne"
    50. Greek alphabet letter
    51. Mr. Davis
    52. Puny Pound
    54. School orgs.
    56. Religious vestment
    58. Chocolate Bar, with "Kit"
    61. * A few days after #10D, Japan surrendered (On ___ 10th, 1945)
    63. Egg mass
    64. Pulpy fruit
    65. Yangs opposites
    66. * Japan attacked from both the air and the water where it had mini ___ ready to do battle
    70. Seventies rock gr.
    71. Affirmatives
    72. Allotted Amount
    73. Football Position, for short
    74. Level-Headed, gone bananas?
    75. Don't Depart


    1. Auto Alternatives
    2. Heard on a Farm: "Do you have ___ of hay I can borrow? I completely ran out!"
    3. * Today, Pearl Harbor is a national historic landmark which has a memorial built over the ___ of the #67D
    4. Compass point
    5. Keyboard Key
    6. "Grandmother" in German
    7. * One day before Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, a pilot from the ___ Australian Air Force sighted Japanese warships on patrol near the Malayan coast. They appeared to be headed toward Thailand.
    8. Indefinite article
    9. * Where the first wave of Japanese planes struck, with "Hickam"
    10. * American B-29 bomber that dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, on the sixth day in 1945 of the month at #61A
    12. * The American battleship called the "California" suffered two of them
    13. * The American ships called "Cassin", "Downes" and "Shaw", for example
    14. Famous Fighter
    16. Television Show, with "Haw"
    17. * Type of Trooper, tossed?
    21. * Japanese planes like an Aichi: Single-Engine ___
    24. * President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued one against Japan on December 8th, 1941
    27. Per item, briefly
    29. Atomic #24
    31. * Japan's 1st ___ was assigned the targets of the American battleships "Maryland", "Tennessee" or "West Virginia"
    32. * The American military ship called the "Oglala", for example
    33. French coin, once
    35. Roman Numerals less the X
    37. Came in first
    40. Memo word
    45. "I get it now!"
    47. Symbol for Sodium
    49. Musical work
    53. Strong looking
    55. * Not anchored in
    57. Volcano in Hawaii, with "Mauna"
    59. Certain oat
    60. Mouth-watering
    62. Economic measure, for short
    67. * On that fateful day in '41, more than 1,000 lives were lost aboard it: ___ Arizona
    68. * "Pearl Harbor" (2001) name
    69. Birth Day shout: "___ a girl!"
    71. Olde completer


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