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  • This week's theme: Olympic sites
    The 2006 Winter Olympics


    1. * ___ Pierre de Coubertin: In 1896, as a result of his campaign to have the ancient Olympics revived, the first Olympics of the modern age were held in ATHENS, Greece (The ancient Olympics had been held at the plain of OLYMPIA in honor of the Greek god Zeus, and occurred periodically from 776 BC until 393 AD when Roman emperor Theodosius I banned all Pagan festivals)
    5. Bugs
    9. Stuff Spewed from a Spewer
    12. * "Chariots of Fire" (1981) recounts the true story of Harold Abrahams and ___ Liddell who both competed at the PARIS Games of 1924
    13. * The Olympics of 1948 were held in this country
    15. Mr. Pacino
    16. Average grade
    17. Atomic #81
    18. Aboriginal person of Japan
    19. Winter ailment, commonly
    20. * Woodrow Wilson was President when the Games were held here
    24. * Wilma Rudolph was victorious at the Olympic Games hosted here (See #74A for a Related Clue!)
    25. Take notice! ___ and behold!
    26. Alphabet letter
    27. * Olympic Games locale in the U.S.A.
    34. Spring flower
    35. Shock treatment, commonly
    36. Hip-Hop artist: ___ Dre
    37. School org.
    38. * World famous Olympian who was a Perfect 10 (See #56A for a Related Clue!)
    40. Clean a fish
    43. Canadian prov.
    45. Silly Sounds: ___-la-la
    46. * Athlete who became a legend in BERLIN, in 1936
    48. * Because of laws of the land that forbade it, there was no Boxing competition at the Games held here
    53. "I'm not sure."
    54. Mr. Kenzaburo
    55. Ice-Cream Parlor item
    56. * Olympics locale
    63. Language of Indo-China
    64. Après Shower garment
    65. Bismarck is the capital here, for short
    66. Bit
    68. He (Initials) was married to Priscilla
    69. * This country was the locale of the Games of 1952
    71. Concerning, commonly
    72. Celine's beloved hubby
    73. * SYDNEY Olympics: ___ 15th, 2000 to Oct. 1st, 2000
    74. * Country that was the locale of the Games of 1960


    1. Hotel room item
    2. Locale
    3. Nice Nothing?
    4. Certain water body, for short
    5. He (Initials) starred in "The Prince of Tides" (1991)
    6. Heard in a Dentist's Office: "Some people have ___ between their front teeth, some people don't. That's life."
    7. Superficially Slick
    8. Reasonable
    9. Proprietor of a Manor, for short
    10. One who appraises things
    11. Graduates
    13. Fragrant resin
    14. Makes invalid
    17. Coin game
    19. Sound System: Hi-___
    21. It'll turn "ka" into a Carriage in Russia
    22. Curriculum Vitae, briefly
    23. Just
    27. Letters seen on a Racecar
    28. Egyptian King, for short
    29. Grassy plain
    30. * The first one of the modern age was awarded at ATHENS
    31. Here: French
    32. It'll turn "tionery" into Paper Products
    33. Persuaded
    38. To this degree
    39. Orinoco tributary
    41. Nice one?
    42. Acronym of a certain athletic magazine
    44. Certain European
    46. Possessed
    47. Ewbank the Football Coach
    48. * The ___ Games 2000: Event held in SYDNEY, Australia (See #73A for a Related Clue!)
    49. * At the Games at #48A, he was called the "Greatest Athlete in the World"
    50. * Standout gymnast at the ATLANTA games of 1996
    51. Acronym of a type of quiz query that has a selection of possible answers
    52. Auditory sensation
    57. The 13th letter of the Greek alphabet
    58. Ages
    59. Competent
    60. Bunny hop
    61. Sicilian volcano
    62. * Standout athlete at the LOS ANGELES Games of 1984
    67. "The Partridge Family" (TV) name
    69. Santa follower
    70. Yellowknife's locale on an env.
    71. Particular Pronoun


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