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  • This week's theme: Names in the News 2001
    Read biographies of people in the news in 2001


    1. * The cowardly and horrific terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11th, 2001 made him Wanted: Dead or Alive
    6. * His leadership following the tragedy of 9/11 earned him the title of "America's Mayor"
    10. * "Alias" (Show that made its TV debut in 2001 on which the main character is a ___ mole)
    13. * In the year 2001, Valerie Harper was a front-runner to be President of the Screen Actors Guild. Question: What show did she star on in the Seventies?
    14. rewollof rehtaeW
    15. Bristlelike appendages
    17. Atomic #18
    18. Pants, without the "acks"
    19. It's a number
    20. Back's opposite, minus the "F"
    21. Mr. DiCaprio, to pals
    23. * Taunted in a Trivia Game: "___ you don't know the answer!"
    25. Majors or Marvin
    27. Mr. Cummings
    28. Unit of electromotive force, for short
    29. ytiC lardehtaC
    30. Scandinavian rug
    33. Not wild (bkwds.)
    35. * In 2001, people realized this acronym was synonymous with heroism
    38. Tic Toe connecter
    40. * Jonathan Franzen made headlines in 2001 when he expressed concerns of having a "corporate logo" appear on his book's jacket as a result of his novel ("The Corrections") being chosen by ___ Winfrey as the 43rd selection for her Book Club
    42. * Red, White and ___. (See #35D for a Related Clue)
    43. Comedy, without the "F"
    44. Triton
    45. * To ultimately achieve it, American troops were sent to Afghanistan to hunt #1A and stomp out the Taliban to prevent the al Qaeda network from plotting more acts of terror
    46. * Madonna's video (directed by her husband, Guy Ritchie) which was banned from MTV in 2001: "What It Feels Like for a ___"
    47. srehtoY .sM
    48. Anger
    49. * Gunther ___-Williams (Circus Animal Trainer who passed away in 2001)
    50. Explosive letters
    51. * "___ roll!" [What was reportedly said by Todd Beamer, a passenger aboard United Airlines Flight 93, in order to rally other passengers to overpower the terrorists who hijacked the plane (which would crash into a rural area of Pennsylvania, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh) on September 11th, 2001]
    52. Functions (bkwds.)
    53. Country Show, with Haw
    55. Sudden Shout!
    56. Kiri Kanawa connecter
    58. Word that introduces an alternative
    60. Metric Measurements, minily
    62. Jethro Bodine portrayer on "The Beverly Hillbillies" (TV): Max ___ Jr.
    63. Female sheep
    65. * Ms. Taylor (Model who spent the second part of the year recovering from serious internal injuries sustained in a car accident in the first part of 2001)
    67. District, briefly
    69. Initials of a famous Canadian concert pianist
    71. It goes with Art
    72. Butterfingers' exclamation ...but it's backwards?
    73. * setatS detinU eht rof resivdA ytiruceS lanoitaN eht emaceb ehs ,1002 nI: ___ azzeelodnoC
    74. Habituate to tough times (var. sp.)
    76. By ...but backwards?
    77. * Mr. Ramone (Legendary rocker who passed away in 2001)
    78. * In 2001, Dennis Tito (a Santa Monica investment banker and former engineer at NASA) shelled out about $20 million in order to spend six days on it: The International ___ Station


    1. Spoken
    2. * Green ogre who was a big hit at the box office in 2001
    3. Vestment of Vietnam, with Dai
    4. * Along with Firefighters, Police Officers and Rescue Workers, they (for short) helped those who were hurt on 9/11
    5. * Talented singer whose star power continues to shine despite her untimely death in 2001
    6. * In 2001, she appeared on the silver screen in the coveted role of Bridget
    7. Single thing
    8. * Mr. Rather (First guest on David Letterman's show when the talk show host returned to the airwaves almost a week after 9/11)
    9. * Last Name of Chandra, the missing Washington intern who was linked to Democratic Congressman, Gary Condit (bkwds.)
    10. * Though she (Last Name) was getting back to form towards the end of 2001, this popular singer's career was on a downturn for most of 2001 because of dismal sales of her album, and disappointing reviews for her first big movie
    11. Jima's partner
    12. * Hathaway (Star of the 2001 movie "The Princess Diaries") or Heche (Actress whose memoir "Call Me Crazy" was published in 2001) or Robinson (Host of the popular 2001 show "Weakest Link")
    16. * They made medical headlines in 2001
    22. * Like the relationships between Tom & Nicole, Benjamin & Julia and Tom & Drew by the end of 2001
    24. Sort of Sandwich, smallily
    26. Suffix to "Arch"
    31. * George Clooney helped organize this telethon which aired on September 21st, 2001: America - ___ to Heroes
    32. * They amounted to millions in response to #31D and other fundraisers which were held to aid victims and families of the victims of 9/11
    34. * Mr. LeBlanc [One of the stars of "Friends" (TV) --a show which climbed back to the top of the ratings in the Fall of 2001]
    35. * They were flown at half mast in memory of those who lost their lives in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington ...then they were flown high as a symbol of unity and patriotism felt by Americans, and the many countries around the world that supported the United States
    36. Leader
    37. Social Pages word
    39. Area of land
    41. * "I Am Sam" (2001) name
    42. Rate of Repetition
    43. Maturates
    45. It means "Before"
    49. * Headline Makers of 2001: Harrison, Pataki and W. Bush
    51. * (1002 ni sdrawA ynoT fo rebmun drocer a now "srecudorP ehT" wohs yawdaorB tih siH) skoorB .rM
    52. Goddess of the Dawn, in Greek Mythology (bkwds.)
    54. * sapaP eht & samaM eht rof dennep eh sgnos cissalc eht ni no sevil ___ sih ,1002 ni deid spillihP nhoJ hguohT
    55. * Mr. Bonds (He made baseball history in 2001 by breaking Mark McGwire's single season home run record by hitting 73 home runs)
    57. * Last Name (bkwds.) of the winner in the Best Actor category at the Academy Awards Show of 2001
    59. * She became Philbin's new co-host in 2001
    61. Travels rapidly (bkwds.)
    62. Sort of cheese
    64. Sort of Sword
    66. Japanese fish
    68. Start to "system"
    70. Economics acronym
    75. Mary Pickford's org.


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