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  • This week's theme: Motown
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    1. * HITSVILLE U.S.A.: History was made in Detroit, Michigan in January, 1960 when the corporation he founded a year earlier, Motown Records, moved into its first headquarters at 2648 West Grand Boulevard --and began to release some of the greatest songs ever written and recorded: ___ Gordy, Jr.
    6. Outer garment
    10. * Hit song by Motown legends, Gladys Knight & The Pips: "Neither One ___ Us"
    12. Dispatch boat
    13. * Song by Marvin Gaye: "After the ___"
    14. Certain ocean, for short
    15. Position, without the "ation"
    16. * DID YOU KNOW? When #1A was ___, he was a boxer. Leaving that profession behind, he began to co-write some songs (such as "Lonely Teardrops") for another ex-boxer, Jackie Wilson.
    18. Prefix that means "Earth"
    19. Unit of money in Albania
    20. Mr. Jokinen, the Hockey Player
    21. Medical pro
    22. Make a Boo-Boo
    23. Split Second, minus the "ffy"
    25. Sea lettuce
    27. * Mr. Kendricks, member of The Temptations (See #1D for a Related Clue)
    29. * Like the style of some of the great costumes worn by Motown performers
    32. Chicago loop train
    33. Take Note! ___ and Behold!
    34. Punctuation mark
    35. * Hit for Motown group The Commodores
    37. TV channel in England
    39. Lyric poems
    40. * Performance Platform
    41. He was a Vice-President
    42. Birthplace of Constantine the Great
    43. * Sad song set to Upbeat music by Motown legends, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: "The Tears of a ___"
    44. Plans of a Personal Trainer: "I think I will ___ Rockers, those exercise devices, for my clients, and give one to each since none of them like doing situps the old-fashioned way."
    45. * He (Initials) and his fellow Beatles covered "Please Mr. Postman" which originally rose to the top of the charts when it was recorded by Motown sensations, The Marvelettes
    46. Atomic #28
    47. Public Place for Pedestrians
    48. Shadowy Spot
    51. * Before the success of Motown, one of the songs #1A co-wrote was "All I Could Do Was Cry" which was recorded by this talented singer: ___ James
    53. Sound in a Scale
    54. Word sound, for short
    55. One of the Continents, for short
    57. Emperor of Rome
    59. Land mass on Water (abbr.)
    61. It'll turn "ana" into a Large Lizard
    62. * Holland-Dozier-Holland song recorded by Motown legend, Marvin Gaye: "How ___ Is (To Be Loved By You)"
    64. Culpa Completer
    65. * Supremes' Smash written by the legendary Motown songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland: "Where Did ___ Love Go"
    66. Jagged
    67. * Holland-Dozier-Holland classic recorded by The Supremes: "___ a Symphony"
    69. State in the U.S.A.
    70. Equivalent words, for short
    71. Carried on (abbr.)


    1. * Motown classic by The Tempts
    2. Revelry cry
    3. * Motown artist who had mega-hits with "Give It to Me Baby" and "Super Freak"
    4. He (Initials) hosted "Unsolved Mysteries" (TV)
    5. Fun toy
    6. * Classic hit written by Holland-Dozier-Holland
    7. In Progress, minus the "oing"
    8. Breezed through
    9. * Last Name of Marvin Gaye's singing partner on the great Motown song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" written by the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Ashford and Simpson
    10. Former cast member of "Saturday Night Live" (TV): Cheri ___
    11. * Original member of The Supremes (See #65A and #67A for Related Clues)
    13. Boring
    14. Ripened
    17. Beauty cream: Oil of ___
    24. Systems of beliefs
    26. Adjust
    28. * Something is missing from this song Smokey Robinson wrote for The Temptations: "The Way You ___ the Things You ___"
    30. City of Central California
    31. "Very funny!"
    35. * Smash hit for The Temptations: "Papa Was a Rolling ___"
    36. Mr. Corbusier, the Architect
    37. * In 1992, this Motown group stayed at the top of the charts with the smash "End of the Road"
    38. São Paulo is located here, for short
    40. Not fast, briefly
    41. One of the Mariana Islands
    43. * Performers take them to perfect their technique
    44. Prefix to "coastal" or "weekly"
    45. * The Motown classic dance song "Shotgun" was recorded by this band in '65: ___ Walker & The All Stars
    47. Side by Side, with "Passu"
    49. * Motown classic by the great Mary Wells
    50. Glaze over
    52. "Head" in French
    56. Not functioning properly
    58. Relating to the Ear
    60. Space reserved for Sitting
    63. Long time
    68. Gung completer


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