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  • This week's theme: Millennium!

    1. Millennium Mayhem Measurement
    5. This mo.'s name was taken from the Latin word that signified the ancient Roman festival of purification
    8. Isinglass
    12. Sty sound
    14. McCoy or Deal
    16. Eve's guy
    17. It turns "erette" into into a theater guide
    18. Napoleon Bonaparte (b.1769 - d.1821) was exiled to this island from 1814 to 1815
    19. French couturier's monogram
    20. Millennium part
    23. The current age in Hindu cosmology: Kali ___
    25. Speech stopping sound
    27. Paul's partner on "Hazy Shade of Winter"
    28. Actress Peeples
    29. Honolulu garland
    30. Alphabet sequence
    31. Ma's mate
    32. Diet dosage, for short
    33. Sweetheart in Scotland
    34. NEW YEAR'S GRIEVE: Expecting catastrophe to strike at the stroke of Midnight, Millennium Survivalists have prepared themselves by stocking up on ___ such as water and canned food
    36. Writer of the Academy Award winning screenplay of "Gone With the Wind" (1939): Sydney ___ Howard (b.1891 - d.1939)
    37. Arena aficionados
    39. Pretend
    40. SHUDDA, CUDDA ...DIDN'T!: It's what early programmers didn't implement into the date field of computers, but as we know now ...shudda!
    43. U-boats
    44. Domain
    45. Ranking on a Race Ribbon
    46. Steinbeck's Storylines
    48. Sammy Davis' father
    49. Alias indicator
    50. Latin acronym used in the Islamic #10D that means "in the Year of the Hegira"
    52. Completely
    53. Keyboard Key
    55. It turns "igy" into a graven image
    56. Charles Barkley's former org.
    57. Roman Numerals for "2000"
    58. Leadfooted it in a Lexus
    59. "Inter Gravissimas": Papal Bull passed by Pope ___ VIII (in 1582) that put forth the #10D that is most widely used in the Western World today
    61. Medieval Money
    63. Oldman of "The Scarlett Letter" (1995)
    65. Incoming, briefly
    66. Reserve a Room
    67. Quid pro quo
    68. Breaks for a Breather
    71. King Atahualpa, for one
    72. Maritime mesh
    73. Bigfoot's kindred spirit


    1. Eliot of "The Waste Land" (1922)
    2. Not out
    3. In the new Millennium, some religious cultists believe The Second Coming will occur here: The Temple ___, in Jerusalem
    4. Formerly, formerly
    5. Goddess of Love (See #56D)
    6. Fatty-fleshed fish
    7. This ancient Empire devised a lunisolar #10D, but their 12 lunar months of 30 days each did not keep in line with the changing seasons (See #55D for a related clue)
    8. These ancient people of the Yucatán Peninsula used a complex dating system in which the New Year occurred July 16th when the Sun crossed the Zenith (the highest place in the sky, directly above an observer)
    9. Counterfeit cards at a cavern, commonly
    10. System that reckons days, months and years
    11. Latin acronym used in the Hebrew #10D that means "in the Year of the World"
    13. "Thursday" was named after Thor, the God of ___ (See #56D)
    15. Nobel Prize winner for Physics, in 1914: Max von ___ (b.1879 - d.1960)
    20. Pepsi part
    21. The "E" in B.C.E.
    22. Waterway
    24. Show for Cher
    26. Blooming
    30. This instance marks the beginning of a new month in the Hebrew #10D
    32. Bust from Bed
    33. DOOMSDAY 2000: Millennium Madness was stirred up in the early 90s when this Canadian computer consultant launched the world's first web site about Millennium Bug warnings: Peter de ___
    35. Make things worse: ___ can of worms
    36. MILLENNIUM BUG: As per #40A, it's the computer code used by the early programmers who implemented date fields in such a way as to save on precious computer space, and in so doing, created the Millennium Bug
    37. The MILLENNIUM ISLAND in the South Pacific has laid claim that this will happen (at it) before any other place on Earth on New Year's Eve
    38. Small road
    40. Phenomenon noted by creators and followers of #10Ds
    41. "The Shaggy ___" (1976)
    42. MILLENNIUM MAYHEM - E.G.: "Planes will fall from the sky!" OR "Blackouts will immobilize major cities!" OR "Phone lines will go dead!"
    43. Junk e-mail
    47. Sycamore substance
    49. Certain continent (abbr.)
    50. Dictionary type, for short
    51. Farm fodder
    54. Pants parts
    55. This Kingdom created a system based on the Earth's rotation around the Sun, but had the same problem as #7D! Since a year can't be evenly divided by months, weeks or days, ancient #10Ds were out of synch with seasonal changes whether they were lunar, solar or both. To fix this, modern #10Ds add an extra month [or day(s)] at specific intervals, such as with the "Leap Year".
    56. #5D and #13D are this type of deity
    58. Traditional epoch of Indian chronology
    60. "Cabaret" (1972) name
    62. Mythical creature
    64. Last name of one of the stars of "The Facts of Life" (TV)
    66. "Weekly" prefix
    69. Initials of Ike's former partner
    70. Affirmation in Almería


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