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  • This week's theme: Media Moms
    Mother's Day Features


    1. * Q. "Being a Mother in the Media, what do you do about daycare?" A. "Well, I'm lucky because my show's producer always lets me bring my kids onto the ___."
    4. Certain magazine
    6. Martin Sheen flick
    8. Word with Shop
    12. Little road
    13. * Co-host to #63A
    15. Swear
    16. * Barbara of the Bush Family
    18. * Ms. O'Donnell, celebrity mother who supports causes for kid
    20. Certain Crossdresser, without the "Paul"
    21. City in Ohio, minus the "ron"
    22. * Actress whose real-life pregnancy was written into the show "ER" (TV) so that her doctor character would also be pregnant
    23. * Role for Jane Fonda or Suzanne Somers, to some of their family members
    27. Bzzzer
    28. Envelope abbr.
    29. Healing plant, without the "Al"
    30. Certain ISP
    31. * It made international headlines when Judith Kilshaw and her husband Alan attempted to do this over the Internet (With #11D)
    34. * During the weekdays, #13A and #63A appear ___ television
    37. Mr. King
    38. Plant Part
    41. * She's a #23A to Wynonna's children
    42. * Father of #54A's son
    43. Frenzy
    44. Slid Sideways
    45. Computer status
    46. * Many Hollywood actresses are choosing to go it alone in raising a family, such as this Oscar winning actress
    47. Record label
    49. Word with Francisco
    50. Beatles song: "___ a Loser"
    51. PM opposite
    53. Decay
    54. * Superstar mother who sold out shows for 'The Drowned World Tour 2001'
    57. * Celebrity mother who raised several children on her own
    60. It'll turn "lch" into nothing
    61. God of the Sun
    62. Attempts
    63. * A psychic shocked this television host (and millions of television viewers!) by correctly revealing that she was newly pregnant (See #13A and #34A for Related Clues)
    68. Boo-Boo leftover
    69. Things
    70. Garland
    71. Angel-like
    72. * Mother, for short
    73. Sports org.
    74. Like a certain clown expression


    1. Character on "Cheers" (TV)
    2. Ms. Gabor
    3. Freshwater Fishies
    4. Mr. Geller
    5. Red or Dead
    6. Mr. Cavett
    7. Volcanic residue
    8. * Celebrity mother who wrote the book at #49D
    9. Ding, dong! ___ calling!
    10. Things chopped by lumberjacks, jumbled about?
    11. * See #31A
    14. Godly Goblet, without the "San"
    17. Nylon blemish
    19. Chow down
    22. * What #22A's character had to go through: Pre-___
    23. Hoods
    24. Relating to the kidneys
    25. * It was a huge story when it was revealed he was the biological father of rocker Melissa Etheridge's kids
    26. He was a Stooge
    27. * Connie Stevens threw a star-studded one for her expectant daughter, Joely Fisher: ___ Shower
    32. School orgs. (pl.)
    33. Bedevil, without the "alize"
    35. Noisy
    36. Heard amongst Poets, long ago: "Hi, ___ Cummings, the poet."
    37. Something in a basket
    39. Type of protest demonstration
    40. Lennon song, with "Instant"
    42. Bearded animal
    46. Flight org.
    48. Farm grazer
    49. * "Behind the ___: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression"
    51. Sailing term: Fore-and-___
    52. Wetland
    55. Hockey legend
    56. Carpentry needs
    58. Puerto completer
    59. Not fake
    60. * Catherine ___-Jones, celebrity mother and star of "America's Sweethearts" (2001)
    63. * Ms. Basinger, an Oscar-winning celebrity mother
    64. Alphabet sequence
    65. Fashionable letters
    66. Type of soup
    67. Assistance


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