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  • Pokémon Crossword


    1. * Lorelei uses this type of Pokémon
    4. * Even its footprints are poisonous --that's how toxic this Pokémon is
    7. * Professor Oak's grandson
    11. Street Surface
    12. Puny Particle
    14. It's one of the Great Lakes
    15. * Exeggcute resembles a what?
    16. Beautiful garment that is often worn by women in India and Pakistan (HINT! Rhymes with Hari)
    17. Colorful city sign light
    18. * Mascot for Team Rocket
    20. Wooden peg (HINT! Rhymes with Log)
    22. Plural of 'I'
    23. * Type of Pokémon that Ivysaur is: ___-Poison
    26. * Sabrina is the gym leader in this city
    31. * Leader of the Celadon City gym
    33. Entirely
    34. Or goes with Either. ___ goes with Neither.
    36. Famous comic strip: "___ Abner"
    37. Periods of seven days
    40. * You earn this after you get all 150 Pokémon
    43. * Defeating Giovanni gets you this badge
    45. Initials of the famously intelligent Physicist who formulated the 'Theory of Relativity'
    46. * The skin of Onix is as hard ___ diamond NOTE! There are two words in the answer
    47. * Omanyte must be what from the Helix Fossil?
    51. Skin Scratch
    54. Movie Star
    56. Sailor's Salute to a Skipper
    57. Poem Part
    58. * Like Slowpoke and Vulpix are
    59. * Scientists took DNA from his fossilized #44D
    60. A waiter carries food on this
    61. Tennis Court divider
    62. How is the letter 'S' spelled?


    1. Detail
    2. A lion is often kept in one at a Zoo
    3. Therefore
    4. * You only get one of this type of ball
    5. Salt Lake City is this American state's capital
    6. Ancient unit of capacity (HINT! Rhymes with For)
    7. * Evolve one of these by training a Haunter
    8. 'Aren't' opposite
    9. Large city in Brazil: ___ de Janeiro
    10. Currency in Japan
    13. Dynasty of China that lasted from 1368 to 1644 (HINT! Rhymes with Ring)
    19. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a superstar in this sports organization, for short
    21. Metallic Mineral
    24. Structure seen beside a barn on a farm
    25. Low-fat milk
    26. Carpenter's tool
    27. Safe Side of a Ship
    28. Bothersome Bug
    29. Light switch position
    30. Head gesture that shows agreement
    32. Yummy dessert: Apple pie ___ mode NOTE! There are two words in the answer
    35. Providence is the capital of this small U.S. state
    38. * This Pokémon uses its claws for balance
    39. Small Streets?
    41. * Town that Ash is from
    42. The Lion in the Zodiac
    44. * Stuff that's almost like fur, but it's not as furry (See #59A for a related clue!)
    47. Apple part
    48. * "Pikachu", for example
    49. * Zubat must navigate around Mt. Moon using radar because they don't have these
    50. Condensed water droplets on lawns in the morning (HINT! Rhymes with News)
    51. Take a chair
    52. Mercedes-Benz, for one
    53. Acronym of the 'American Medical Association'
    55. Aykroyd or Quayle or Rather


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