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  • CaNdY FaCtOrY! Crossword

    More Halloween Treats


    1. * TASTY! Twisty Treat
    8. * Heard in a Candy Store: "Do you have enough money to ___ for all of those Tootsie Pops?"
    11. Globe
    12. * Heard in a Kitchen: "We need ___ to cook the coating for the Candy Apples." NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    13. * Flavor in a bag of "SourPatch Kids"
    14. * SCRUMPTIOUS! Ingredient in the "Mounds" Candy Bar
    16. * Marshmallow Chicks ...Aaaaw CUTE!
    17. The 8th and 14th letters of the alphabet
    18. Part of a Play
    19. Moon vehicle, for short (HINT! Rhymes with REM)
    20. Music Concert organized by Sarah McLachlan: Lil___ Fair
    21. * POP! Pink Bubble Gum
    25. The heroine of Green Gables didn't spell her name like this
    27. Looked at
    29. He is one of the Gallagher brothers in the British rock band Oasis
    30. Permit
    31. * Author of the book that inspired the famously sweet movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (1971): ___ Dahl
    33. Tormé of Tunes
    34. Makes Mistakes
    36. Leg joint
    37. Layer (HINT! Rhymes with Fly)
    38. * YUMMY! Product by Hershey's: "___ 'n' Creme"
    40. Health resort
    42. Suffix to "Mathemat"
    43. * Heard around Halloween: "I love Candy so much that I'm going to go Trick or Treating ___ giant Candy Bar this year!" NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    44. Café ___ Lait
    46. * ___ Bears
    49. * SPLASH into SUGAR! ___ Fish
    51. Historical time periods
    52. * SLURP! Flavor of "Bottle Caps": Root ___
    53. City in Brazil: ___ de Janeiro
    54. * "___ Tacs" ...REFRESHING!
    55. * SUGARY SCARE! You may get them if you eat too much Candy NOTE: There are two words in the answer!


    1. Creepy Creature: The ___ Ness Monster
    2. Press Pants
    3. What is the acronym of the 'Canadian Broadcasting Corporation'?
    4. * Candy Company: Jolly ___
    5. * Heard in a House: "Hey! ___ my bag of M&M's down on the kitchen table for just a second, and now it's gone! Did it just walk off ...or did the Candy Thief strike again?" NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    6. Soldier's bed
    7. Movie alien
    8. * Word that goes with Blueberry ...YUMMY!
    9. An electric guitar gets hooked into one, for short
    10. Not No
    13. * ___ Drops
    15. Cereal grain
    16. * Dispenser of Candy ...COOL!
    19. S-s-s-ir, I want more p-p-p-lease!: Soup Server
    20. The beginning of a story, for short
    21. * YUMMY! Former President Ronald Reagan's favorite Candies: Jelly ___
    22. * Character in the movie at #31A: ___-Loompa
    23. Ship Section
    24. Popular television show: "___ McBeal"
    25. Baldwin of Movies
    26. Roman Ruler
    28. Skirt Sections (HINT! Rhymes with Jokes)
    32. * IT'S LIKE HEAVEN! For Example: Brownies or Chocolate Cake or Fudge or Ice-Cream or Jello or Pudding or...
    35. Glances over
    39. "Here" in French
    41. Write letters on one: ___ of Paper
    43. Inspired Immensely
    44. In a manner of speaking: ___ were NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    45. Expression of Concern NOTE: The answer is hyphenated!
    46. Acquire
    47. Geller the Spoon Bender (HINT! Rhymes with Luri)
    48. McDonald's Meal: Big ___
    49. Aegean or Beaufort or Caspian, for example
    50. Wrath (HINT! Rhymes with Tire)
    52. Initials of Busby Berkeley, the legendary Hollywood Director


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