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  • This week's theme: Judaism
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    1. * Judaism = A monotheistic religion = The belief in one ___
    4. * Sacred chest containing #28A
    7. Joke
    10. Summer hrs. in VA
    13. Earlier in time, poetically
    14. U2 producer
    15. Mr. Abner
    16. Envision
    17. * Pentateuch
    19. * Q. "Is ___ _ variant way of referring to the house of worship in Judaism known as the synagogue?" A. "Yes."
    21. Bern's river
    22. * The founder of Judaism
    24. Rush along
    26. Parts in a minute, briefly
    28. * Moses (the greatest of all Hebrew prophets) received them from Yahweh (name for #1A in the Old Testament) on Mount Sinai: The ___ Commandments
    29. nedruB fo tsaeB
    30. Tin's symbol
    32. Atomic #77
    33. * Ceremony that marks the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy, with Mitzvah
    34. "Hey, there!"
    35. Nair's competition
    37. * Person who chants prayers in the synagogue
    40. * Jewish mystical tradition (var. sp.)
    42. * Older brother of Moses who helped him lead the Hebrew people out of bondage in Egypt: _-_-r-o-_
    43. Pitiful
    44. Sort of Sheep
    45. * The #17A says not to "___ in its mother's milk" (See #63D for a Related Clue)
    48. * Beginning at this time of day on Friday, the weekly Judaic day of rest known as the Shabbat (Sabbath) is observed until nightfall on Saturday
    51. Comment in the Country: "I wonder __ __ stations come in clear on the radio up here."
    52. Spielberg classic
    53. Nevertheless
    54. Yes!, with Be It!
    55. NFL feat
    56. Vase
    58. Poetic contraction
    59. Attention-getter
    61. Famous opera
    63. * Small case (containing a scroll with passages of scripture written on it) that is placed on the doorpost of a traditional Jewish household
    65. House crawler
    66. * See #9D
    68. * As a supreme test of faith, he was offered by his father (#22A) as a sacrifice to #1A, but the offering was prevented by divine intervention
    71. By
    72. Fashionable scarf
    73. Avant-garde artist: Yoko ___
    75. Pete Townshend's band, with The
    76. Presidential monogram
    77. "The Addams Family" (TV) character
    78. Mr. Howard
    79. * It is contained in the #17A


    1. * Document of divorce in Judaism
    2. Prefix that means "Mountain"
    3. Uproot, without the "inate"
    4. eman (VT) "sreehC"
    5. Doc's helper
    6. * Like food that is in accordance with Jewish dietary laws (See #45A and #70D for Related Clues)
    7. Down in the Dumps
    8. Garlic: French
    9. * At a Jewish marriage ceremony, the groom will #66A one with his foot to symbolize the destruction of The Temple which was the central place of worship in ancient Jerusalem
    10. * Eldest son of #68A who traded his birthright to his younger twin brother Jacob for a mess of pottage
    11. * The Book of Isaiah is contained in them: The ___ Scrolls
    12. Soak flax ...but backwards?
    18. Stomach muscles, commonly
    20. Mr. Solo (George Lucas character)
    23. Type of essential oil (var. sp.)
    25. * The Promised Land of the Israelites
    26. Intentionally so written
    27. * Part of BCE (Acronym used in date reckoning instead of BC)
    29. Be in need of a tissue
    31. To the ___ degree
    33. Authentic, with Fide
    34. * Hand-shaped pointer used while following the text of the scrolls of the #17A
    36. Sorts of trees
    38. Unworldly
    39. * Sacred writings of Orthodox Judaism
    40. * Prayer associated with mourning, without the "dish"
    41. Extremely dry (Champagne term)
    43. * What a mourner must do for seven days after the burial of a close relative, with Shiva
    45. Small amount
    46. * Judaism symbol, with Star
    47. Barbie's date
    48. Functions (bkwds.)
    49. Alphabet letter
    50. Youngster
    53. * Prayer recited in memory of the departed
    57. * Jewish spiritual leader
    58. Orange Pekoe, for one
    59. Step for a dancer
    60. * Worn by Jewish men (and in growing numbers, Jewish women) during morning services, the Tallit is a garment that resembles a ___
    62. * Jewish calendar month (var. sp.)
    63. * In accordance with Jewish dietary laws, it cannot be eaten with dairy products
    64. * Utopia
    65. Make-A-Word! V-_-_-i-_-y (Animate)
    67. Decomposition
    69. "Gotcha!"
    70. * Being that it is a cloven-hoofed animal that also chews its cud, the #63D from it is permissible to eat
    74. Beatles song, with Reply


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