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  • This week's theme: Presidential Inauguration

    1. * He will become the 43rd #4D on January 20th, 2001 (With #29A)
    6. Weedy plant
    10. Fastener
    14. * Heard on Inauguration Day: "___ police escort make the procession look simply marvelous?"
    15. God of War
    16. Thought
    17. Scintilla
    18. * After January 20th, 2001, it will no longer be added to #1A's title
    19. Throughout a period of time, poetically
    20. * The new President will travel in a what on Inauguration Day?
    22. Song for solo voice
    23. Long time
    24. Dig into one's pockets
    25. * They will be waving to the new President and maybe even shaking his hand, on Inauguration Day: Well-___
    29. * See #1A
    30. Hairy-bodied insect
    31. Abbreviation seen on business cards
    32. Spring mo.
    33. * On January 20th, 2001, the wife of #1A will begin assuming them
    41. Mr. Geller
    42. Mr. Milne
    43. Spy org.
    44. * Like some American flags on grandstands on Inauguration Day for the #13D
    47. * #1A will be what on Inauguration Day?
    51. Overhang of a Roof
    52. Speedwagon completer
    53. It'll make "ce" Savage
    54. * When reciting the Oath of Office on Inauguration Day, the new President is asked by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to place his left hand on an ___
    60. Curvy letter
    61. * There are many to attend on Inauguration Day
    62. Song by The Kinks
    64. Hair accessories
    66. Gravy Glob
    67. * Customary phrase tagged onto the Oath of Office: "So help ___"
    68. June 6th, '44
    69. Additional
    70. Word used to designate an alternative passage, in Music


    1. Event from 1914 to 1918, commonly
    2. Word with Box
    3. Do Others connecter
    4. * President of the United ___
    5. "Very funny!"
    6. Powder
    7. Locale
    8. Came into possession of, for short
    9. Ferrara Family
    10. "Howdy!"
    11. Someone who admires
    12. It is believing
    13. * Ceremonial procession on Inauguration Day
    18. Sea eagle (var. sp.)
    21. Interjection of surprise
    22. Nautical term used by sailors
    24. Burial Chamber, minus the "lcher"
    25. Name of several dynasties that once ruled in China
    26. Comparative suffix
    27. Record label
    28. Diner Drinks
    29. Move about restlessly
    30. Actress who is the Daughter of Peter and the Niece of Jane (Initials)
    34. A-One
    35. "Very" in Versailles
    36. Jar top
    37. Swerve off course
    38. Here: French
    39. "One" in German
    40. Certain Continent, briefly
    44. * One of the things the new President will promise to do for the Constitution on Inauguration Day: ___ it
    45. * Like the new President's right hand while reciting the Oath of Office (See #54A for a Related Clue)
    46. Sacred text of Zoroastrianism
    48. Globes
    49. Portuguese coin
    50. * Titled peers around the world who the new President is sure to meet during his tenure at the top
    54. Look Longingly
    55. Mr. Anka
    56. Shade trees
    57. Back side of the neck
    58. Lumberjacks chop them
    59. People of "The Time Machine"
    63. Lettered recommenders on a toothpaste tube
    65. City in Australia, minus the "dney"
    67. Rosie's nickname for her friend Madonna


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