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  • This week's theme: Holidays
    More winter holiday features


    1. * Twinkly Tree Topper
    5. Those who believe in a reasoned existence of God
    10. Give a nickname to
    13. Money in Malta
    14. Type of salad dressing
    15. Summer plaything
    16. Not for
    17. Consequently
    18. Exercise result
    19. * Make Merry during the Holidays
    21. * Decorations on Doors
    23. Solution for Wounds, minus the "ine"
    24. Come into adjustment
    25. * Festive Flyer
    29. * Things like #3D can be found at a what?
    33. Alphabet letters
    34. Type of Tree
    36. Start to "sphere"
    37. * Festive story by Dickens
    41. Heard at School: "Is ___ good mark?"
    42. Ms. McLachlan of Music
    43. Land mass on water, briefly
    44. * Lengthy Lecture
    47. * They are used in celebrations of Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights
    49. Scent
    51. Bind
    52. * They are used in celebrations for #15D and Hanukkah
    55. * In 1966, he developed the celebration of #15D: Dr. Maulana ___
    59. Certain Currency in China (Var. Sp.)
    60. Trinket, minus the "ickey"
    62. Blood vessel
    63. Direct a Helmsman
    64. Australian Animal
    65. Icicle holder
    66. Caustic solution
    67. Unique person
    68. Hearty dish


    1. Cole Completer
    2. Turner of Tunes
    3. * Holiday Handiwork: ___ and Crafts
    4. Dried fruit
    5. * Fun toys at Hanukkah
    6. British nobleman
    7. Verb suffix
    8. Facial expression of dislike
    9. * Green and Red Day!: December 25___
    10. * Everyone pledges to go on a what after the Holidays?
    11. The Beehive State
    12. Gambles
    15. * This Holiday means "First Fruits" in the Swahili language. It lasts for seven days (December 26th to January 1st), and it is celebrated by people of African descent to honor family, community and culture.
    18. * Game Name under the Tree
    20. Vestment of Vietnam
    22. Poke fun
    24. * Heard during the Festive Season: "___ and Papa coming here, or should we go to their place for the Holidays?"
    25. Studies
    26. * Host at a New Year's Eve Party
    27. Heard at Work: "___ boss ever going to learn how to make his own coffee?"
    28. Summer hrs. in VA (Pl.)
    30. Courtyards
    31. Concert Conversation: "Is there ___ pit near the stage?"
    32. Buns in a Basket
    35. Uncommon
    38. * This ninth month of the Muslim calendar is celebrated by Muslim people who fast during the daylight hours to commemorate the first revelation of the Koran to Muhammad
    39. * It's part of the outfit worn by Rudolph's master
    40. * Music Maker during the Festive Season
    45. Plinth
    46. Type of Boat, minus the "Ca"
    48. "The Matrix" (1999) name
    50. Trademark relating to Microcomputers
    52. Roman Numerals for 350
    53. Said by a Sailor
    54. How many lives do Cats have?
    55. Low caste
    56. Nifty
    57. * People do it during the Festive Season
    58. Again, but in a different way
    61. Clod
    64. Sumerian goddess personifying earth


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