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  • This week's theme: Hip-Hop & Rap
    Learn about Hip-Hop and Rap


    1. * Last Name of the Hip-Hop impresario\star and producer who used to go by the name of Puff Daddy --but now goes by P.Diddy
    6. * "___ Me Blow Ya Mind" (Song by Eve, featuring Gwen Stefani)
    9. * Heard at the Hip-Hop party: "You can't just sit there! You've got to get ___ you want to feel the music! Come on, let's dance!"
    13. * Mobb Deep song: "___ (Anything)"
    15. Hosp. locale
    16. One who feels regret
    17. Loop train
    18. Hatchway, minus the "ning"
    19. Make-a-Word! F-i-_-_-e-_ (Strain)
    20. senilceD
    21. Certain epoch, without the "cene"
    22. Q. "Is an ___ device used in rowing?" A. "Yes, it is."
    24. * Last Name of the basketball superstar who also likes to Rap
    26. * Grammy-nominated artist of the song at #56A ...but backwards?
    27. * Mr. Cool J (Artist with Def Jam Recordings)
    29. Atomic #73
    30. Zippy, without the "Br"
    32. Make-a-Word! _-a-_-l-_ (Expensive fur)
    34. Q. "Is an ___ baseball official?" A. "Yes."
    36. * "Where the Party ___" (Grammy-nominated song by Jagged Edge which features the vocal work of the artist at #60A)
    37. "gnimo" eht tuohtiw ,gnihcaorppA
    38. With rapid movements (bkwds.)
    40. Restaurant bill
    42. * First Name of #1A
    43. * Trio that had a big hit with "Rapper's Delight"
    46. Mr. Preminger
    47. * Last Word in the title of the album at #5D ...but it's backwards?
    48. Sort of duck
    49. eton yrossimorP
    50. * Person (for short) who plays #8D
    51. Organization, for short
    53. Dad's wife
    55. Deuce
    56. * "___ eW ohW"
    57. "That's so funny!"
    58. * "...kcab thgir llac ___ dna pu gnaH" :rehsU yb "daB tI toG U" gnos eht morf traP
    60. * Grammy-nominated artist of the track "Ride Wit Me" (From the album 'Country Grammar')
    63. Tidings
    65. * "___ Jackson"
    66. Highest point
    68. * Just- or -T
    70. Some Soldiers, for short
    71. Something in the Classifieds, briefly
    72. Sensitive
    73. gnirevoc roolF
    74. * "Always ___" is by Ja Rule, featuring Ashanti
    76. Heroine of Hardy's
    77. Antiquity
    78. ___ ot riA :kcirt gnidraobwonS


    1. * "Lights, Camera, Action!" is by Mr. who?
    2. Spread for bread ...but it's backwards?
    3. * "Oops (Oh ___)" is by Tweet
    4. Flowers do it in Spring
    5. * Album by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott (First two words --See #47A for a Related Clue)
    6. * Bow Wow or Kim or Romeo
    7. Prefix that means "Outside"
    8. * Rap Music instruments
    9. Major or Minor
    10. * Chuck D's group
    11. "eg" eht tuohtiw ,enot lartueN
    12. * Grammy-nominated song by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott in the 'Best Rap Solo Performance' category: "Get Ur ___"
    14. trohs rof ,noitatoR
    23. Snow-capped thing
    25. * Part from the All-Star Tribute song "What's Going On" which is the cover version of the Marvin Gaye classic: "What's going on / When our children can't play / Homeless can't ___"
    26. * The ___: Group that features the sounds of #8D in their music
    28. * Superstar of Rap: Queen ___
    31. sehcruhc ni deyalp era yehT
    33. Give a Gift
    35. * "No More Drama" is this Singer-Songwriter's album
    39. In the past
    41. * (oirt poH-piH) luoS ___ eD
    42. * Another part from the song mentioned at #25D: "All the kids with dreams / Won't get the chance to chase it / Makes me ___ / Think about the lives they would've had"
    44. * (slaitinI) rebmem seeguF ehT
    45. * R & B superstar who teamed up with Rap star Ludacris on the song "That's How I Get Down"
    46. * Grammy-nominees in the 'Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group' category for the song at #65A
    50. * nileppeZ ___ :dnab siht ni saw ohw egaP ymmiJ fo krow ratiug eht dna yddaD ffuP gnirutaef noitaroballoc a saw (8991) "allizdoG" eivom eht fo kcartdnuos eht morf "eM htiW emoC" gnos ehT
    52. * Rapper with the album called "Stillmatic" ...but in reverse?
    54. * Rapper whose real name is Dante Beze
    59. * "!taerg ___" :mubla poH-piH wen a fo noinipo s'naF
    61. * J.Lo and P.Diddy (What they are to each other after breaking up)
    62. * Actress mentioned in the Destiny's Child song "Independent Woman, Pt. 1" ...but backwards?
    64. Self-importance
    65. * Part from the song "Survivor" by Destiny's Child: "...Cause my ___ taught me better than that"
    67. He wrote "The Raven" (1845)
    69. * .rD htiw ,recudorP dna reppaR
    75. Furniture company, without the "ea"


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