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by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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  • This week's theme: Irish Entertainers
    St. Patrick's Day features


    1. * Maureen ___: Irish actress who co-starred with John Wayne in "The Quiet Man" (1952)
    6. Helper (abbr.)
    10. Business attire item
    13. * Q. "Did you know Irish actor Pierce Brosnan and his now-wife Keely Shaye Smith were ___ Ireland?" A. "As a fan, yes, I did."
    14. * Q. "Did you know #52D played the role of the Irish mother in the movie version ___ Brown's novel My Left Foot?" A. "No, I didn't realize that --but thanks for letting me know." (See #54D for a Related Clue)
    16. * Acclaimed album by U2: 'All That You Can't ___ #51D'
    17. Yesterday: Italian
    18. Friendly
    19. The 1970s, with Decade
    20. * (0991) "___ ehT" :rotca hsirI eht ,sirraH drahciR gnirrats eivoM
    21. dnegel llabesaB
    22. (ocixeM weN fo latipaC) ___ atnaS
    24. * Stephen ___: Irish actor who was in "The Butcher Boy" (1997)
    26. Make-A-Word! _-i-_-_-a-l-l (Difficulty)
    28. Make-A-Word! P-_-e-_-_-d-e (Overture)
    30. * Song by Irish rock legend, Van Morrison
    34. Sort of animal
    36. noitisop mleH
    37. That is to say, briefly
    38. Hawaiian dish
    39. * Irish novelist James Joyce wrote it
    46. Small island
    47. Conjunction (bkwds.)
    48. Dads' wives
    50. * Famous place for plays in Dublin, Ireland: The ___ Theatre
    53. * Movie of 1947 (starring James Mason) about an Irish rebel leader who the police are trying to catch
    56. roloc kcitspiL
    57. Word with Television
    59. Film rolls, without the "ls"
    60. Australian city, minus the "dney"
    61. Seamstress' concern
    63. * W.B. Yeats' creations
    66. Per Item, briefly
    68. * Something memorized by Irish actor, Patrick Bergin
    69. Bit
    70. * Mr. Wilde, the Irish writer who wrote the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" (1895)
    73. * Play by Irish dramatist, George Bernard Shaw: "___ and the Lion" (1912)
    75. * Q. "What was the first name of Mr. McCormack, the Irish-born tenor?" A. "It was ___ think."
    76. htam emos oD
    77. Functions
    78. * (1891) "rubilacxE" dna (8991) "ksaM norI eht ni naM ehT" edulcni seivom esohw rotca hsirI :___ leirbaG


    1. Raptorial bird
    2. Farm sound, with Haw
    3. * Bassist in the Irish rock band U2 (See #16A, #32D, #33D, #45D and #51D for Related Clues)
    4. * Eire's Entertainment Extravaganza
    5. Suffix to "Meth"
    6. Salesman's reminder: "There is ___ involved if you want to get the whole package deal."
    7. * Something studied by Kenneth Branagh, the Northern Ireland-born actor\director\writer\producer
    8. Key on a computer keyboard
    9. Initials of the 26th President of the United States
    10. * ___ gnidroceR :eno rof ,ronnoC'O daeniS
    11. * Q. "Was ___ Meaney who was in the Irish movie, The Commitments?" A. "Yes, it was."
    12. Oculus
    14. Type of paint
    15. Worldwide, for short
    20. Ao's follower
    22. Farm animal
    23. Landed estate
    25. All Together, with Masse
    27. * Song by Irish singer-songwriter, Enya: "Orinoco ___"
    29. Federation of sheikdoms, for short
    31. Not well ...in reverse?
    32. * Booking for U2
    33. * Q. "Have you ___ the latest single by U2?" A. "Yes! It's great!"
    35. * Famous actor from Ireland
    38. Annotation at the bottom of a letter
    40. Yeas opposites
    41. Suffix to "Goo"
    42. Sign of assent
    43. Ms. Stark (Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend)
    44. Birds like ostriches
    45. * Song by U2
    49. Pig's dwelling
    51. * See #16A
    52. * Ms. Fricker, the Irish actress
    53. * Irish actor (Last Name) who starred in "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962)
    54. * ___ Brown: Role for which #52D received the Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance in "My Left Foot" (1989)
    55. * Pseudonym of Irish writer George William Russell
    58. * Like some #63A
    62. Sea: French
    64. Summers: French
    65. Certain degrees, for short
    67. Colorless, without the "omatic"
    68. Chap
    70. Make-A-Word! _-b-_-_-c-t (Physical entity)
    71. Word with Longer
    72. Poke fun
    74. Where: French


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