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  • This week's theme: Easter and Passover
    Features for Easter and Passover


    * Symbols of Spring seen during EASTER and PASSOVER
    * PASSOVER was a Spring Festival in pre-Mosaic times, but then became a celebration of the Exodus of the Israelites from here
    10 Small indefinite amount
    13 * EASTER and PASSOVER are 'Movable Feasts' (religious holidays which change dates from year to year) because they are based on the cycles of the what?
    14 * Some churches of this origin are among those that celebrate #30D
    15 Physical body
    16 Italian "one"
    17 Word With Way
    18 Part of a play title by Shakespeare
    19 Concerns of Chemists
    20 * Ceremonial feast of PASSOVER
    22 * This narrative of the Exodus is recited during #20A
    24 Double Drumbeat
    26 Gossip
    27 Little Rock's locale on an env.
    28 Part of a Milne book title
    31 City of northwest Peru
    35 * Item seen set on a feast table for EASTER or PASSOVER
    38 Exactly: ___ even keel
    39 Elizabeth or Eve
    40 Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.
    42 * State of the Candles at #36D prior to illumination
    43 American zoologist Fossey
    44 * Triangular Candelabrums used during #36D
    46 More cunning
    48 Cartoonist Walker
    49 Initials associated with the Theory of Relativity
    50 Blocker or Carotene
    52 Mr. Griffin
    55 "Veni Creator ___": Liturgical Latin Hymn heard during Pentecost (Seventh Sunday after EASTER commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost onto the Apostles)
    59 * With #32D
    62 * PASSOVER occurs during this month of the Jewish Calendar (var. sp.)
    63 Locale of Yellowknife, for short
    64 Stomach muscle, commonly
    65 Type of Drama pioneered in Japan in 1383: ___ Drama
    66 Bancroft or Brontë
    67 Farewell remark
    69 * It begins on #64D and ends at Midnight on Holy Saturday
    70 Acquire
    71 Aromatic Resin of the Bible
    72 Lyric poems


    They're flightless in Australia
    Part of a Margaret Mitchell book title
    * Christian Commemoration of the Crucifixion
    Symbol for Tin
    Self importance
    It's often seen with Brit.
    When tripled, it's part of a Beatles chorus
    * Another name for PASSOVER
    He (Initials) is the host of "Nightline" (TV)
    10 * It plays a large role in EASTER and PASSOVER celebrations
    11 Novel by Jane Austen
    12 Cleanse with Cleanser
    15 * At EASTER, this devotion represents the 14 stages of Christ's journey to Calvary: ___ of the Cross
    17 Charlton Heston backs this org.
    19 Heard in a Dentist's Office: "I have ___ between my front teeth. Can you fix it, Doctor?"
    21 Word with Niño
    23 Luke 'n' Laura's Soap
    25 It's seen on a sign on a hwy.
    27 * EASTER Sunday: ___ 23RD, 2000
    29 It'll turn "Can" into Birchbark Boats
    30 * Its date is based on the Julian Calendar: ___dox EASTER
    32 * It is eaten throughout the Festival of PASSOVER (With #59A)
    33 Salary increase
    34 Social insect
    36 * Ceremony of Candles during Holy Week (The week before EASTER)
    37 Initials of the star of "Walker, Texas Ranger" (TV)
    39 Newspaper promos
    41 Suffix to "Ballad"
    42 Ancient city of Sumer
    45 24 hr. banker
    47 Control a Colt
    48 * The Thursday before EASTER
    51 Her (Initials) latest album is called "Twenty Four Seven"
    53 Type of Tide
    54 He (Initials) starred in "Barefoot in the Park" (1967)
    55 Hitch on a Hose
    56 Coniferous tree
    57 Veronica Lake flick: "___ it Romantic?" (1948)
    58 Commotion
    60 First-Rate
    61 Tiny round marks
    64 * Word With Wednesday
    67 Morning indicator
    68 Alternative indicator
    69 ___ and Behold!


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