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  • This week's theme: Dog Days of Summer
    More Summer Features


    1. * Heard on a Dog Day of Summer: "It's so hot outside that people are getting edgy and are beginning to ___ like cats and dogs!"
    6. * Heard on a Dog Day of Summer: "What can you really expect when it's a dog-___-dog world?"
    9. Believe
    14. Name of a renowned English mathematician
    15. Veneration
    16. Rapscallion
    17. Salacious
    18. Neil Young joined this gr.
    19. Varnished
    20. * Don't waste time on a Dog Day of Summer, but do this while the sun still shines
    22. * Part of a phrase heard as a drought comes to an end in a really big way, on a Dog Day of Summer
    23. Break a Commandment
    24. Expression of Surprise
    25. Street Surface
    28. * Heard on a Dog Day of Summer: "Walking on this sidewalk is like being a cat on a hot ___!"
    31. Word with Electric
    34. Bible Boy
    36. Poetic contraction
    37. Thanks
    38. Small Street
    39. * "On Dog Days of Summer, if you're gonna love me, you should love ___, too."
    41. Beatles completer
    43. * "This humidity on this Dog Day of Summer is making me just so dog ___."
    45. It's the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet
    46. Mr. Milne
    48. Sick
    50. Obstacle for ships in some waters
    51. Viper
    52. * "It's 100 degrees out, and on this Dog Day of Summer, you're asking me not to be a wet what?"
    55. Salon product
    56. Frost
    57. Slime
    59. * On a Dog Day of Summer, do this while the #62D is still hot
    63. * Part of an expression that describes how it's raining on a Dog Day of Summer
    67. Word with Celestial
    68. Pass between mountains
    69. Ms. Laine
    70. Instrument played by #58D
    71. Overly
    72. Basic Beverage
    73. Mr. Bruckner
    74. Bird of prey
    75. Gnaw at


    1. Celluloid
    2. Heard in English Class: "Miss, ___ the abbreviation for the word Each?"
    3. Look with amazement
    4. * It can get as hot as this on a Dog Day of Summer
    5. Atomic #43
    6. Leisurely
    7. Arista
    8. Connecter of Kiri Kanawa
    9. * Don't bark up the wrong one on a Dog Day of Summer
    10. Type of horse coat
    11. Certain Citrus
    12. Tallow ingredient
    13. Mr. Kennedy
    18. "Enough!"
    19. * Heard on a Dog Day of Summer: "I'm just gonna ___ the breeze today, you guys."
    21. Collide with
    22. UN agency
    24. * Heard on a Dog Day of Summer: "Rain ___, the baseball game will still be on."
    25. Florida city
    26. Certain Chasm
    27. Stick a celery stick into the cream cheese again
    29. Baby Bug
    30. Classic Cartoon Character: ___ Albert
    31. * "Your paperback is all dog-___ since you've been reading it so much on this Dog Day of Summer."
    32. * On a Dog Day of Summer, ___ dog has its day
    33. Narrow shelf
    35. Interjection of Surprise
    40. Talk idly
    42. Deer family member
    44. For short, it's used when citing a reference
    47. Similar
    49. Word with Counsel
    53. Hotshot
    54. Toddler
    58. Mr. Peterson
    59. Twirl
    60. Certain pronoun
    61. Casino City
    62. * See #59A for the related Dog Day of Summer clue
    63. * On a Dog Day of Summer, team "it" up with this
    64. Singing voice
    65. Want
    66. French artist
    67. Resort
    68. Bovine
    71. Gift tag word
    72. I, plurally


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