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  • This week's theme: Columbus Day
    More about Columbus Day


    1. * As a young man, Christopher Columbus worked as a Chart Maker in this city
    7. * Columbus was a Genoese Navigator who conducted his explorations under the service of this country
    11. * In the Spring of 1494, Columbus set sail from #15D to continue explorations. Upon his return in the Fall, he was confronted by native peoples who had been brutalized by the Europeans. A battle soon broke out, and in winning it, Columbus shipped a large number of the native peoples to #7A to sell them as ___.
    12. Court
    13. Central points
    16. Ceylonese fishing boat
    17. Type of Terrier
    19. Married title
    20. Abbreviation with Hon.
    21. * On August 3rd, 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail West across the Atlantic Ocean from Palos (in #7A) in search of a what? (See #3D for a Related Clue)
    24. Spinning
    26. Acronym on Captain Kirk's spacecraft
    27. Mr. King
    28. Heard in a Video Store: "Hi! Do you have ___ West movie called My Little Chickadee in stock?"
    29. Chuck's bride
    30. Legend of the Silver Screen
    32. City of Honshu, in Japan
    33. Just about
    35. Not well
    37. Name from "Fame" (1980)
    38. Winged Wonder
    40. Heard on a Pacino Set: "___ ready, yet? We've gotta start filming this flick!"
    41. Prefix to "center"
    42. Crucifixion letters
    43. Famed Filmmaker
    44. Helper, for short
    46. Father to Jr.
    48. "Grannies" in Germany
    49. Atomic #41
    51. Chi partner
    52. Baylis who founded the Old Vic in London
    54. Located in the Bahamas, #12D was known as "Guanahaní" by the native peoples in the region. Columbus claimed that, by right of conquest, their island now belonged to #7A and renamed it this, which means "Holy Savior".
    57. Tune by The Monkees: "___ a Believer"
    59. Guido's note
    60. Copy! Copy!
    61. Kick
    63. Melodic tunes
    65. Antiquity
    66. * As a young man, Columbus had different occupations, such as Chart Maker, Sugar Buyer, Weaver and what?
    68. * In 1502, during his Fourth Expedition, Columbus struck the ___ of Honduras, in Central America
    69. * Because one of Columbus's three ships (the "Pinta") was slightly damaged during the First Expedition of 1492, a quick stop was made here for repairs to its mast: ___ Islands


    1. Hallucinogenic from the 60s
    2. Heard in French Class: "Is the word for He in French ___ is it Elle?"
    3. * Columbus commanded the what during his First Expedition?
    4. Road Town is the capital here, for short
    5. Kenzaburo the Writer
    6. Canadian prov.
    7. "Silk" in Strasbourg
    8. * In 1484, Columbus petitioned John II (who was the King of this country) to finance a westward crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, but the King rejected the proposal (See #15D for a Related Clue)
    9. Bread tune
    10. Nice Names?
    12. * On October 12th, 1492, Columbus landed here (var. sp.) (See #54A for a Related Clue)
    14. Bed for a Baby
    15. * In April of 1492, after years of being rebuffed, Columbus finally secured Royal support for exploratory voyages from this Queen of Castile and her husband, King Ferdinand V [In November of 1493, he named a colony after her which became the first settlement of Europeans in the New World] (See #11A for a Related Clue)
    17. Word with Bean
    18. Negative reply to a Man in Charge
    21. Perlman of "Cheers" (TV)
    22. It'll make "ly" Greasy
    23. Farm animal
    25. Maori seagoing canoe
    28. Hurried letters
    31. * During his First Expedition of the New World, Columbus left some of his men here in order to start a colony
    32. * Columbus returned to #7A after the First Expedition and was heartily welcomed by his supportive Sovereigns. He was made an "Admiral of the ___" and a Governor-General of all new lands that he had just discovered and would discover in the future.
    34. Mr. Cummings
    36. Metallica's drummer
    38. * In 1493, during his Second Expedition, Columbus achieved landfall here: Lesser ___
    39. Initials of a First Lady
    40. Heard in a Recruitment Office: "___ skilled worker who is very reliable."
    42. Mr. Hayes
    43. Coconut fiber
    45. Roads, for short
    47. Journey in a Jalopy
    50. Island of Indonesia
    53. "Take notice!"
    55. Law officer who deals with drug offences, for short
    56. Electric force unit
    58. Open land
    61. Container
    62. Sample
    64. Thusly
    66. State in the U.S.A.
    67. Mr. Milne


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