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  • This week's theme: Campaign 2000

    1. * Victor's Vow: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best ___ ability, preserve, protect, and defend..." (See #21A for a Related Clue)
    4. * The Election of November 7th, 2000 takes place on it
    11. * Presidential Palace: The White ___
    13. * ELECTION FLASHBACK: This President was elected by the House of Representatives which had to break a deadlock in the Electoral College that existed between him and Aaron Burr (who became his Vice-President)
    15. Social insect
    16. Charged lepton
    18. * The Democratic Party Convention 2000 was held here, for short
    19. Mary Pickford co-founded this org.
    20. * Reply given by a Presidential Candidate when asked who the winner will be
    21. * Continued from #1A: "...the ___ of the United States."
    25. * Some Presidential hopefuls will see their popularity ___ in the polls prior to Election Day
    26. Humans breath it
    27. Airline letters
    28. * Some will do it on November 7th, 2000
    32. Bird that cannot fly
    33. Letter of the Greek alphabet
    34. Warm season, in France
    36. * ELECTION 2000: Pursuer of the Presidency
    39. * A new President is elected every four what?
    42. * College Roommate of the Candidate at #59A: Tommy ___ Jones
    44. Force: Latin
    47. Hit Hard
    48. * For Example: Education, Foreign Policy and Health Care
    53. Steering in the UK
    54. Food scrap
    55. Negatively charged atom
    56. * ELECTION 2000: Washington Wannabe
    59. * ELECTION 2000: Being just a Vice wasn't still Nice for this Gore any More
    61. French pronoun
    62. In the vicinity of
    63. Part of a James Dean movie title
    64. Chicken King connecter
    65. * This President was elected, defeated, then elected again
    69. * Best-selling Book written by the Candidate at #59A: "___ in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit"
    71. * Childhood Claim: "When I grow up, I'm going to be the President of the United States of ___!"
    72. * The Candidate at #59A supports it, with "Trade"


    1. * The Facts of Politics: The new President will be IN the Oval Office. The former President will be ___ of the Oval Office.
    2. * Legendary singer who rallied support behind JFK's bid for the Presidency
    3. * Upon leaving the Oval Office, some Presidents choose to write a what?
    4. Camper's shelter
    5. It'll turn "ology" into the study of Flying Saucers
    6. Gee forerunner
    7. * #56A opposes any Tax increases for it, with "Social"
    8. Expression of annoyance
    9. Equally
    10. Question to a Job Applicant seeking a Courier Position: "Do ___ a car?"
    11. Performer who likes the camera
    12. Unitary
    13. * ELECTION 2000 - Running Mate of #59A: ___ Lieberman
    14. Mouskouri the Singer
    17. Australia's nickname, partially
    21. Office Worker, minus the "rk"
    22. Master body for tech changes to the Web
    23. Flooring choice
    24. Give Try connecter
    25. Rivet
    28. Volcano opening
    29. "Granny" in Germany
    30. Two performers, minus the "D"
    31. School grade
    35. Egyptian cobras
    37. Tree
    38. * Former occupation of #59A
    40. Cafeteria Comment: "I'll have ___ on the side, please."
    41. Sought-after in Sturgeon
    43. * Presidents ___ about $200,000 annually
    44. Teacher's notation on work well done
    45. Heard at Home: "I'm ___ mood today thanks to that partying going on next door last night."
    46. Word with Congestion
    48. Certain Cactus
    49. Part of Speech, for short
    50. Famous judge from a Famous trial
    51. Convent dweller's title
    52. Scale Syllable (var. sp.)
    53. Sensitive to Stuff, minus the "Alle"
    57. Icicle holder
    58. Pioneering anatomist who is an Honoree in The National Women's Hall of Fame: Florence ___ Sabin (b.1871 - d.1953)
    59. Keyboard Key
    60. It follows #52D
    64. Metric unit of area
    66. Alphabet letter
    67. Chinese political leader Peng
    68. Real Estate listing acronym that's a nice feature in the Summer
    70. Famous Physicist (Initials)


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