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  • This week's theme: Black History Month
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    1. Author Haley of "Roots" (1976)
    5. Black History Month is celebrated in February to mark the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (b.1809 - d.1865) and ___ Douglass (b.1817 - d.1895) who was an activist who campaigned to end slavery and was a co-founder and editor of the "North Star" newspaper
    13. Shark Sucker
    15. This talented and glamorous star opened the doors for other African-American actresses in Hollywood, such as Halle who won the Best Actress Golden Globe Award for portraying her in a biographical television movie
    16. Controversial Coat
    17. Monastery Superior, in France
    19. Exploited
    20. Harriet Tubman, for one: She led more than 300 slaves to freedom (See #25A for a related clue)
    25. Pre-Civil War organized system that was used for helping fugitive slaves escape to Canada: Underground ___
    26. Negative reply
    27. Music store items, commonly
    30. Ms. Jillian
    31. Sports tally
    33. Not Nice
    36. Seize Suddenly
    39. Roman Road
    40. In the 1970s, this South Bronx DJ pioneered the Hip-Hop style that dominates music today
    44. He directed "Twelfth Night" (1996): Trevor ___
    45. Take a chair
    46. Wander
    47. Star football running back and Super Bowl MVP (in 1993): Emmitt ___
    49. Shoshonean
    51. Shoe width Size
    52. Speech Stopper
    54. Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Lena Horne, Jesse Jackson and Maya Angelou are among those who have been honored with this Medal which has been awarded annually by the NAACP since 1915
    59. He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association, in 1914
    61. Bread spread
    64. Famed tennis Champion: Arthur ___
    65. The Jackson 5 hit
    66. Legendary boxer Muhammad's former name
    69. World light-heavyweight champion (from 1952 to 1962): ___ Moore (b.1913 - d.1998)
    72. "Cosby", e.g.
    73. Superstar Cosby


    1. Island resort in the Netherlands Antilles
    2. Poet, Playwright, Novelist and Essayist: Amiri Baraka (formerly known as ___ Jones) wrote "Blues People: Negro Music in White America" (1963) and "The Motion of History and Other Plays" (1978)
    3. En predecessor
    4. Tic-Tac-Toe letters
    5. Fifties singer who sang "Turn Me Loose"
    6. Adam and Eve's Garden
    7. Carry out
    8. TV show starring Eriq La Salle
    9. Defeat Disastrously
    10. Delivery Room exclamation: "___ a girl!"
    11. Cuban revolutionary leader Guevara
    12. English dramatist who wrote "The Spanish Tragedy" (c.1586): Thomas ___ (b.1558 - d.1594)
    14. Squeal
    16. Distant
    18. Shape, slangily
    21. Popular Hip-Hop artist: ___ Cool J
    22. Heard in the Tennis circuit: "___ 23rd in the World, right now!"
    23. Fashionable
    24. Ship's distress Signal
    27. Plant Pot Product: Terra ___
    28. "I have a ___ that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood." - Martin Luther King Jr.
    29. Antitoxins
    32. "Hello!" or "Goodbye!"
    33. Kweisi ___: NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) leader
    34. He was a star running back and became the first African-American football player to win the Heisman Trophy (in 1961): ___ Davis (b.1939 - d.1963)
    35. Fats Domino smash hit: "___ That a Shame"
    36. In 1831, he led 60 followers in the Southampton Insurrection, a slave revolt, which was the most serious in American history. He managed to live in freedom for six weeks until he was caught and hanged: ___ Turner (b.1800 - d.1831)
    37. Choice on a Radio
    38. Famed Blues guitarist King
    40. It'll encompass "exp"
    41. Every bit ___...
    42. __-Coastal: The Atlantic and Pacific sides
    43. Sports Stadium
    48. Chinese Communist leader: ___ Guefeng
    49. NFL Players Association executive director: Gene ___
    50. Woods of Golf
    53. Mrs. opposite
    54. "Pense" prefix
    55. U.K.: ___. Brit.
    56. Help
    57. James Dean, for one
    58. Large U.S. city
    59. To the highest degree
    60. Wallet Wads
    61. "Alas!"
    62. Medieval French tale
    63. "East" in Montréal
    67. Hosp. nutrient device
    68. Not them
    70. Type of radio
    71. ___-Fi


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