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  • This week's theme: Renaissance Artists

    1. Born 1475. Died 1564. But his masterpieces shall live forever.
    11. His famed masterpiece is "The Rape of Europa": ___ Veronese (b.1528 - d.1588)
    12. Locale of many of the masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel
    14. Urchin
    16. "The Great Beyond" group
    17. Bob Dylan smash for The Turtles: "___ Ain't Me, Babe"
    19. Edible tuber
    20. What other name is the Renaissance masterpiece "Mona Lisa" known by?
    25. Thusly
    26. Giotto's ___: Campanile of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in #15D
    27. Initials of the star of "Jaws" (1975)
    28. Masterful Mural of the Renaissance: "The Last ___"
    31. Acronym seen at the beginning of some newspaper stories
    33. Compensates
    35. Sesame
    36. Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet
    39. "Lemon" suffix
    41. Masterful work by early Renaissance artist (and friar) Fra Angelico who lived from c.1400 to 1455
    46. Tic-___-Toe
    47. Mr. Knotts
    48. It'll turn "ention" into an original creation
    49. Reverberate! ...Reverberate! ...Reverberate!
    52. Mr. Cummings
    54. Great Venetian artist who lived from c.1488 to 1576
    57. "Howdy!"
    58. Famous Renaissance sculpture
    61. ___ and behold!
    62. The masterful technique of capturing the human form was perfected by #73A through the study of this
    66. Roman Goddess of Plenty
    68. Chicago loop train
    69. Doctors' org.
    70. Mr. Kelly
    73. Born 1452. Died 1519. But his masterpieces shall live forever.
    77. Planet
    79. Allegorical masterpiece by Sandro Botticelli


    1. Mother, informally
    2. The Hawkeye State
    3. Marine Mollusk
    4. The Masses: ___ Polloi
    5. O.J.'s pal
    6. Omaha's locale on an env.
    7. Credit transfer system
    8. It'll make "trifying" thrilling
    9. Classy Car
    10. Atop
    11. Father, informally
    13. Light-headed
    15. The Medici family dominated it, and it dominated the Renaissance
    18. When doubled, it means "bye-bye!"
    19. "The ___ of Moses": Creation by Sandro Botticelli (b.1445 - d.1510)
    21. ___-shucks!
    22. She had a hit with "Don't Wanna Lose You" (Initials)
    23. Gershwin the Lyricist
    24. Chuck Heston's controversial gr.
    25. Gilligan's boat: "___ Minnow"
    26. Atomic #52
    29. Dessert menu selection
    30. Character depicted in Raphael's famous fresco "The School of Athens"
    32. Renaissance masterpiece "Madonna of the Goldfinch", for example
    33. "Small" in Strasbourg
    34. Bronze on the Beach
    37. You: Français
    38. Renaissance masterpiece: "Saints ___ Angels"
    40. "The Shaggy ___" (1976)
    41. Sports peg
    42. Acronym used on a questionnaire when a particular question isn't relevant
    43. Business card abbr.
    44. It'll bring "tiate" into being
    45. Certain face shapes
    50. Renaissance masterpiece: "Madonna and ___"
    51. Not hers
    53. Summer hrs. in VA
    55. Psyche Part
    56. Negative reply
    59. Initials of the actress who co-starred in "Yentl" (1983)
    60. It'll make "cal" outspoken
    62. "The Second Sex" (1953) author: Simone ___ Beauvoir
    63. It'll turn "ngs" into nest eggs
    64. Chieftain
    65. Insincere talk
    66. ___ even keel
    67. Lima is its capital
    71. Shoe width Size
    72. Blood Bank acronym
    74. Exercise device: "___ Rocker"
    75. Book section, for short
    76. Greek Mythology: To protect her from Hera's jealousy, Zeus turned her into a heifer
    78. Eliot of "The Waste Land" (1922)


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