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  • This week's theme: American Indian Heritage Month
    American Indian Heritage Month


    1. * One (var. sp.) would have been made with the hide of #41A
    5. * Member of an indigenous people of northeastern Nebraska
    10. Autumn
    14. Twos opposites
    15. * Buffy Sainte-___ (Singer-songwriter who wrote "Native North American Child")
    16. Hamitic language
    17. * They were set to catch beavers (See #43D for a Related Clue)
    19. * Northwest Coast Indians were skilled craftsmen who made fine wood carvings, and carved things such as these: Markers for ___
    21. Initials of a former First Lady
    22. eeB retfa retteL
    23. Thanks, in Britain
    25. "That hurts!"
    26. * Said long ago: "Don't you find ___ that even though we were here first, the European explorers think they can just come in and take over?" (See #12D for a Related Clue)
    28. * An ___ captured in battle by the Northwest Coast Indians (which included the Bella Coola, Chinook, Haida and Nootka) would be kept as a slave --and regarded as a very valuable possession, and marker of wealth
    32. * Many indigenous cultures of North America believe in a powerful ___ world
    33. * Adolescent (See #10D for a Related Clue)
    34. Unemotional, without the "Sto"
    36. * Some northern tribes would use stone to make these: ___ Blades
    37. "Gotcha!"
    38. Smitten
    40. "lufn" eht sunim ,yhcA
    41. * Animal that was crucial to the survival of the Plains Indians
    45. Sports org.
    46. Place at an angle
    48. * Hard-shelled seed that was part of the diet of many aboriginal peoples
    49. Playful trick ...all shook up?
    51. Ms. Hinton
    52. Duo ...on the fritz?
    54. * Weapons in Westerns
    56. * They were used to travel by water
    60. Perspire (bkwds.)
    61. Blood Type: O ___ Negative
    62. "Big whoop!"
    63. Tic-___-Toe
    65. Doc's assistant
    66. * European Explorer's comment: "This looks like ___ of some kind. Let's follow it to see where it leads."
    69. * Dentalia Shells = ___ Shells
    71. Ceremonial Staff ...spelled backwards?
    73. Thoughts
    75. * Algonquian language
    76. Types of fish
    77. Suit
    78. Sort of Sovereign


    1. * Beautifully carved pole
    2. Concerning, for short
    3. * Ceremonial Calumet
    4. AOL, e.g.
    5. Mantric word
    6. Periodic Publication, punily
    7. * Weapon used in battle
    8. * Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem about a legendary hero: "The Song of ___" (1855)
    9. "l" eht sunim ,taeM fo epyT
    10. * A boy who was a #33A might have gone through an initiation ceremony to enter adulthood that involved ___ or going out all alone into the wilderness for a period of time
    11. * Navajo artists are renowned for creating beautiful jewelry of silver. Question: What is the symbol for silver?
    12. * Treaties sometimes are passed to resolve injustices concerning these
    13. * ___ Dunmore's War (The white man against the Shawnee, Delaware, Wyandot and Cayuga)
    18. Certain Caps ...flipped around?
    20. Ireland
    24. Pierre's Pal
    27. Singer (Initials) of Black Sabbath
    29. Finial on a Fish ...but it's backwards?
    30. Metallic Element, minus the "trium"
    31. Not fake
    32. * Ceremony of the Hopi
    35. * Where some of the Mohave people were from, without the "fornia"
    36. Legendary rock group
    37. Situated at the Stern of a Ship
    39. * An oral history was passed down by the ___ of indigenous clans
    42. Sort of Sloth
    43. * Native Americans partook in the ___ with the Europeans
    44. * In search of food, it's how aboriginal peoples roamed the land before the Europeans introduced the horse to the New World
    47. * Dome-shaped dwellings
    50. Ginger's follower
    53. * Piece of timber in a traditional structure
    54. Sun God, in Egyptian Mythology
    55. And Outs starter
    57. Sticky Stuff, without the "Gl"
    58. * Tribe leader
    59. * Reddish earth used for decoration
    60. * It would be used to create various structures and things: ___ Bark
    64. * In past times, some people would make ___ from plants such as the sassafras or wintergreen
    67. Chest bone
    68. Landowner, without the "rd"
    70. * On the 10th day of this mo. the war at #13D ended at Point Pleasant, West Virginia
    72. Mr. Pacino
    74. Road, for short


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