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  • This week's theme: Muhammad Ali
    Features and Facts about Muhammad Ali


    1. * "___ the Greatest!" - Muhammad Ali
    4. * Sports org.
    7. High mountain
    10. Stake in poker
    11. Traditional knowledge (bkwds.)
    13. Certain sound units
    15. * Ali's strategy in the ring
    17. * Trainer (Angelo Dundee to Muhammad Ali)
    19. * .tats gnixoB
    20. * State (for short) where Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (Muhammad Ali) was born on January 17th, 1942
    21. * Q. "What is the first name of Mr. Norton, the fighter Muhammad had three bouts with?" A. "It's ___ think."
    23. "noma" eht tuohtiw ,tsaot nisiar no ymmuy s'tI
    24. Twitch
    26. Barn animal
    28. * The match at #67A was originally scheduled __ _ ___ 25th, '74 bout, but was moved to Oct. 30th because of an injury sustained by George Foreman in the ring during training (See #80A for a Related Clue)
    30. Acronym of the first part of the Bible
    32. Sketch comedy show on TV
    34. * One of Ali's nicknames: The Louisville ___
    35. * After his announcement that he had joined #22D, Muhammad Ali said this: "I know where I'm going and I know the truth and I don't have to be what you want ___ to be. I'm free to be what I want."
    36. * A94# ta eivom eht rof noitaripsni eht eb ot dias si 5791 ni ilA htiw tuob a ni sdnuor 51 lla tnew ohw rexob sihT :renpeW .rM
    39. * Actress (who is married to #27D in real life) who portrays Muhammad's first wife Sonji in the biographical movie "Ali" (2001)
    41. House climber
    43. * Ali's legendary bout against Smokin' Joe Frazier, with The
    47. Dreadful! _-_-_-o-c-i-o-u-s!
    48. ffo deppohc "sy" eht htiw ,reveroF
    49. * 6791 fo eivom gnixoB
    50. Stumbling Sound in a Speech
    51. * Mo. in which Ali entered the ring for his last professional fight (In 1981 --against Trevor Berbick)
    53. Interjections of satisfaction
    55. One of the continents, briefly
    56. * Before making a name for himself in the professional boxing world, Larry Holmes was a boxer Muhammad Ali ___ with when training
    59. Little kid
    61. * Locale of Kinshasa, Zaire (abbr. & bkwds. --See #67A for a Related Clue)
    64. The study of Chinese civilization, culture and language, without the "logy"
    65. Obi, for one
    67. * "When ___ Were Kings" (1996): Oscar-winning documentary about the legendary Rumble in the Jumble heavyweight championship bout between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman
    69. F-f-frigid w-w-without t-t-the "Co"
    70. * "?yadot elcyc ___ ot tnaw uoy oD" :gniniart gnirud rexoB a ot diaS
    72. * Actor (bkwds.) who plays the part of Howard Cosell in "Ali" (2001)
    75. * Ms. Gaye [Actress (and daughter of the late, great Marvin Gaye) who plays Muhammad's second wife Belinda in "Ali" (2001)]
    76. Kind of chieftain
    77. trebliG .sM
    78. Certain measurements, for short
    79. Metal-bearing mineral
    80. * Boxer's eye injury


    1. * Japanese professional wrestler who Ali was matched up against in a show event, in 1976: Antonio ___
    2. (8791) "___ yellaV repraH"
    3. Humble in manner
    4. * In 1986, Muhammad ___ his current wife Lonnie
    5. * A bout with the powerful boxer at #21A in 1973 left Ali with a what?
    6. Deal
    7. * TV network where Howard Cosell worked (The legendary sports broadcaster who covered the career of Muhammad Ali)
    8. * In a split decision, Ali lost his title to ___ on February 15th, 1978 in Las Vegas, but regained it from him just a few months later in New Orleans in a unanimous decision
    9. * In 1960, Muhammad was reluctant to travel to Rome in a what? (See #14D for a Related Clue)
    10. delpirt nehw ,eivom raW
    12. Ms. Horne
    14. * noisivid thgiewyvaeH thgiL eht ni ladeM dloG eht now (yalC suissaC sa nwonk neht) ilA ,0691 fo ___ emoR eht tA
    16. Sailor's reply
    18. tnirpmi ylraelC
    22. * After his victory at #58D, the new World Heavyweight title holder changed his name to Muhammad Ali from Cassius Clay (which he regarded as a "slave name") and announced that he had joined the Nation of ___
    25. * In 1971, the United States Supreme ___ reversed Muhammad Ali's conviction on violating the Selective Service Act (In the 1960s, he had taken an anti-draft stance and didn't want to take part in the Vietnam War because of his religious beliefs. His refusal to be inducted into the Armed Forces resulted in him being stripped of his boxing title.)
    27. * He (Initials) portrays The Champ in "Ali" (2001)
    29. Type of sloth
    31. * In his Amateur career, Ali earned his spot on the United States team bound for the Games in Rome by winning his qualifying bout with a technical knockout in the ___ (See #14D for a Related Clue)
    33. * Muhammad's daughter who has followed in her father's footsteps to become a great boxer
    36. Ms. Oslin the Country Singer
    37. * In his professional career, Muhammad Ali was the World Heavyweight ___ three separate times (In his victorious second bout with #8D, he became the first man in history to win the Heavyweight title three times)
    38. Atomic #17
    40. * A boxing blow can be made with one ...but it's backwards?
    42. Man of the Cloth
    44. * Parts on Boxing shoes
    45. * "!reizarF eoJ yortsed annog m'I tuB / ___ ezama dna kcohs thgim sihT" :1791 ,ht8 hcraM fo tuob sih erofeb ilA yb meop a morf traP
    46. nuS eht fo doG
    50. Beatles song: "Back in the ___"
    52. TV drama
    54. Word before "Be It!"
    57. Bug
    58. * February 25th, 1964: Historic ___ in sports when Cassius Clay won the World Heavyweight title in a bout against rival, Sonny Liston
    60. * During a bout in the ring, there is one Referee and ___ Boxers
    62. * "___ like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee" (Slogan invented for Ali by his mentor and motivator, Drew 'Bundini' Brown)
    63. Noun modifiers (abbr.)
    66. Sort of Shmuck
    68. Bat's dwelling ...but it's backwards?
    71. Varlet, minus the "cal"
    73. Wrath
    74. Vase ...but it's flipped around?


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