Death — Divination

Charles Wharton Stork

Death is like moonlight in a lofty wood,
 That pours pale magic through the shadowy leaves;
 'T is like the web that some old perfume weaves
In a dim, lonely room where memories brood;
Like snow-chilled wine it steals into the blood,
 Spurring the pulse its coolness half reprieves;
 Tenderly quickening impulses it gives,
As April winds unsheathe an opening bud.
Death is like all sweet, sense-enfolding things,
 That lift us in a dream-delicious trance
 Beyond the flickering good and ill of chance;
But most is Death like Music's buoyant wings,
 That bear the soul, a willing Ganymede,
 Where joys on joys forevermore succeed.