Tack, possession, lease.
     Tacket, shoe-nail.
     Tae, to.
     Tae, toe.
     Tae'd, toed.
     Taed, toad.
     Taen, taken.
     Taet, small quantity.
     Tairge, to target.
     Tak, take.
     Tald, told.
     Tane, one in contrast to other.
     Tangs, tongs.
     Tap, top.
     Tapetless, senseless.
     Tapmost, topmost.
     Tappet-hen, a crested hen-shaped bottle holding three quarts of
     Tap-pickle, the grain at the top of the stalk.
     Topsalteerie, topsy-turvy.
     Targe, to examine.
     Tarrow, to tarry; to be reluctant, to murmur; to weary.
     Tassie, a goblet.
     Tauk, talk.
     Tauld, told.
     Tawie, tractable.
     Tawpie, a foolish woman.
     Tawted, matted.
     Teats, small quantities.
     Teen, vexation.
     Tell'd, told.
     Temper-pin, a fiddle-peg; the regulating pin of the spinning-wheel.
     Tent, heed.
     Tent, to tend; to heed; to observe.
     Tentie, watchful, careful, heedful.
     Tentier, more watchful.
     Tentless, careless.
     Tester, an old silver coin about sixpence in value.
     Teugh, tough.
     Teuk, took.
     Thack, thatch; thack and rape = the covering of a house, and so, home
     Thae, those.
     Thairm, small guts; catgut (a fiddle-string).
     Theckit, thatched.
     Thegither, together.
     Thick, v. pack an' thick.
     Thieveless, forbidding, spiteful.
     Thiggin, begging.
     Thir, these.
     Thirl'd, thrilled.
     Thole, to endure; to suffer.
     Thou'se, thou shalt.
     Thowe, thaw.
     Thowless, lazy, useless.
     Thrang, busy; thronging in crowds.
     Thrang, a throng.
     Thrapple, the windpipe.
     Thrave, twenty-four sheaves of corn.
     Thraw, a twist.
     Thraw, to twist; to turn; to thwart.
     Thraws, throes.
     Threap, maintain, argue.
     Threesome, trio.
     Thretteen, thirteen.
     Thretty, thirty.
     Thrissle, thistle.
     Thristed, thirsted.
     Through, mak to through = make good.
     Throu'ther (through other), pell-mell.
     Thummart, polecat.
     Thy lane, alone.
     Tight, girt, prepared.
     Till, to.
     Till't, to it.
     Timmer, timber, material.
     Tine, to lose; to be lost.
     Tinkler, tinker.
     Tint, lost
     Tippence, twopence.
     Tip, v. toop.
     Tirl, to strip.
     Tirl, to knock for entrance.
     Tither, the other.
     Tittlin, whispering.
     Tocher, dowry.
     Tocher, to give a dowry.
     Tocher-gude, marriage portion.
     Tod, the fox.
     To-fa', the fall.
     Toom, empty.
     Toop, tup, ram.
     Toss, the toast.
     Toun, town; farm steading.
     Tousie, shaggy.
     Tout, blast.
     Tow, flax, a rope.
     Towmond, towmont, a twelvemonth.
     Towsing, rumpling (equivocal).
     Toyte, to totter.
     Tozie, flushed with drink.
     Trams, shafts.
     Transmogrify, change.
     Trashtrie, small trash.
     Trews, trousers.
     Trig, neat, trim.
     Trinklin, flowing.
     Trin'le, the wheel of a barrow.
     Trogger, packman.
     Troggin, wares.
     Troke, to barter.
     Trouse, trousers.
     Trowth, in truth.
     Trump, a jew's harp.
     Tryste, a fair; a cattle-market.
     Trysted, appointed.
     Trysting, meeting.
     Tulyie, tulzie, a squabble; a tussle.
     Twa, two.
     Twafauld, twofold, double.
     Twal, twelve; the twal = twelve at night.
     Twalpennie worth, a penny worth (English money).
     Twang, twinge.
     Twa-three, two or three.
     Tway, two.
     Twin, twine, to rob; to deprive; bereave.
     Twistle, a twist; a sprain.
     Tyke, a dog.
     Tyne, v. tine.
     Tysday, Tuesday.