Rab, rob.
     Rade, rode.
     Raep, a rope.
     Ragweed, ragwort.
     Raibles, recites by rote.
     Rair, to roar.
     Rairin, roaring.
     Rair't, roared.
     Raise, rase, rose.
     Raize, to excite, anger.
     Ramfeezl'd, exhausted.
     Ramgunshoch, surly.
     Ram-stam, headlong.
     Randie, lawless, obstreperous.
     Randie, randy, a scoundrel, a rascal.
     Rant, to rollick, to roister.
     Rants, merry meetings; rows.
     Rape, v. raep.
     Raploch, homespun.
     Rash, a rush.
     Rash-buss, a clump of rushes.
     Rashy, rushy.
     Rattan, rattoon, a rat.
     Ratton-key, the rat-quay.
     Raucle, rough, bitter, sturdy.
     Raught, reached.
     Raw, a row.
     Rax, to stretch, to extend.
     Ream, cream, foam.
     Ream, to cream, to foam.
     Reave, to rob.
     Rebute, rebuff.
     Red, advised, afraid.
     Red, rede, to advise, to counsel.
     Red-wat-shod, red-wet-shod.
     Red-wud, stark mad.
     Reek, smoke.
     Reekie, reeky, smoky.
     Reestit, scorched.
     Reestit, refused to go.
     Reif, theiving.
     Remead, remedy.
     Rickles, small stacks of corn in the fields.
     Rief, plunder.
     Rig, a ridge.
     Riggin, the roof-tree, the roof.
     Rigwoodie, lean.
     Rin, to run.
     Ripp, a handful of corn from the sheaf.
     Ripplin-kame, the wool or flax comb.
     Riskit, cracked.
     Rive, to split, to tear, to tug, to burst.
     Rock, a distaff.
     Rockin, a social meeting.
     Roon, round, shred.
     Roose, to praise, to flatter.
     Roose, reputation.
     Roosty, rusty.
     Rottan, a rat.
     Roun', round.
     Roupet, exhausted in voice.
     Routh, v. rowth.
     Routhie, well-stocked.
     Row, rowe, to roll; to flow, as a river; to wrap.
     Rowte, to low, to bellow.
     Rowth, plenty, a store.
     Rozet, resin.
     Run-deils, downright devils.
     Rung, a cudgel.
     Runkl'd, wrinkled.
     Runt, a cabbage or colewort stalk.
     Ryke, to reach.