Forlorn, My Love, No Comfort Near

Air—"Let me in this ae night."

     Forlorn, my Love, no comfort near,
     Far, far from thee, I wander here;
     Far, far from thee, the fate severe,
     At which I most repine, Love.

     Chorus—O wert thou, Love, but near me!
     But near, near, near me,
     How kindly thou wouldst cheer me,
     And mingle sighs with mine, Love.

     Around me scowls a wintry sky,
     Blasting each bud of hope and joy;
     And shelter, shade, nor home have I;
     Save in these arms of thine, Love.
     O wert thou, &c.

     Cold, alter'd friendship's cruel part,
     To poison Fortune's ruthless dart—
     Let me not break thy faithful heart,
     And say that fate is mine, Love.
     O wert thou, &c.

     But, dreary tho' the moments fleet,
     O let me think we yet shall meet;
     That only ray of solace sweet,
     Can on thy Chloris shine, Love!
     O wert thou, &c.