Song.—On Chloris Being Ill

Tune—"Aye wauken O."

     Chorus—Long, long the night,
     Heavy comes the morrow
     While my soul's delight
     Is on her bed of sorrow.

     Can I cease to care?
     Can I cease to languish,
     While my darling Fair
     Is on the couch of anguish?
     Long, long, &c.

     Ev'ry hope is fled,
     Ev'ry fear is terror,
     Slumber ev'n I dread,
     Ev'ry dream is horror.
     Long, long, &c.

     Hear me, Powers Divine!
     Oh, in pity, hear me!
     Take aught else of mine,
     But my Chloris spare me!
     Long, long, &c.