Young Jamie, Pride Of A' The Plain

Tune—"The Carlin of the Glen."

     Young Jamie, pride of a' the plain,
     Sae gallant and sae gay a swain,
     Thro' a' our lasses he did rove,
     And reign'd resistless King of Love.

     But now, wi' sighs and starting tears,
     He strays amang the woods and breirs;
     Or in the glens and rocky caves,
     His sad complaining dowie raves:—

     "I wha sae late did range and rove,
     And chang'd with every moon my love,
     I little thought the time was near,
     Repentance I should buy sae dear.

     "The slighted maids my torments see,
     And laugh at a' the pangs I dree;
     While she, my cruel, scornful Fair,
     Forbids me e'er to see her mair."