Dainty Davie

     Now rosy May comes in wi' flowers,
     To deck her gay, green-spreading bowers;
     And now comes in the happy hours,
     To wander wi' my Davie.

     Chorus.—Meet me on the warlock knowe,
     Dainty Davie, Dainty Davie;
     There I'll spend the day wi' you,
     My ain dear Dainty Davie.

     The crystal waters round us fa',
     The merry birds are lovers a',
     The scented breezes round us blaw,
     A wandering wi' my Davie.
     Meet me on, &c.

     As purple morning starts the hare,
     To steal upon her early fare,
     Then thro' the dews I will repair,
     To meet my faithfu' Davie.
     Meet me on, &c.

     When day, expiring in the west,
     The curtain draws o' Nature's rest,
     I flee to his arms I loe' the best,
     And that's my ain dear Davie.
     Meet me on, &c.