The Deuks Dang O'er My Daddie

     The bairns gat out wi' an unco shout,
     The deuks dang o'er my daddie, O!
     The fien-ma-care, quo' the feirrie auld wife,
     He was but a paidlin' body, O!
     He paidles out, and he paidles in,
     rn' he paidles late and early, O!
     This seven lang years I hae lien by his side,
     An' he is but a fusionless carlie, O.

     O haud your tongue, my feirrie auld wife,
     O haud your tongue, now Nansie, O:
     I've seen the day, and sae hae ye,
     Ye wad na ben sae donsie, O.
     I've seen the day ye butter'd my brose,
     And cuddl'd me late and early, O;
     But downa-do's come o'er me now,
     And oh, I find it sairly, O!