Election Ballad For Westerha'

Tune—"Up and waur them a', Willie."

     The Laddies by the banks o' Nith
     Wad trust his Grace[1] wi a', Jamie;
     But he'll sair them, as he sair'd the King—
     Turn tail and rin awa', Jamie.

     Chorus.—Up and waur them a', Jamie,
     Up and waur them a';
     The Johnstones hae the guidin o't,
     Ye turncoat Whigs, awa'!

     The day he stude his country's friend,
     Or gied her faes a claw, Jamie,
     Or frae puir man a blessin wan,
     That day the Duke ne'er saw, Jamie.
     Up and waur them, &c.

     But wha is he, his country's boast?
     Like him there is na twa, Jamie;
     There's no a callent tents the kye,
     But kens o' Westerha', Jamie.
     Up and waur them, &c.

     To end the wark, here's Whistlebirk,
     Lang may his whistle blaw, Jamie;
     And Maxwell true, o' sterling blue;
     And we'll be Johnstones a', Jamie.
     Up and waur them, &c.

The fourth Duke of Queensberry, who supported the proposal that, during George III's illness, the Prince of Wales should assume the Government with full prerogative.