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Braving Angry Winter's Storms

Tune—"Neil Gow's Lament for Abercairny."

     Where, braving angry winter's storms,
     The lofty Ochils rise,
     Far in their shade my Peggy's charms
     First blest my wondering eyes;
     As one who by some savage stream
     A lonely gem surveys,
     Astonish'd, doubly marks it beam
     With art's most polish'd blaze.

     Blest be the wild, sequester'd shade,
     And blest the day and hour,
     Where Peggy's charms I first survey'd,
     When first I felt their pow'r!
     The tyrant Death, with grim control,
     May seize my fleeting breath;
     But tearing Peggy from my soul
     Must be a stronger death.