Blythe Was She[1]

Tune—"Andro and his Cutty Gun."

     Chorus.—Blythe, blythe and merry was she,
     Blythe was she but and ben;
     Blythe by the banks of Earn,
     And blythe in Glenturit glen.

     By Oughtertyre grows the aik,
     On Yarrow banks the birken shaw;
     But Phemie was a bonier lass
     Than braes o' Yarrow ever saw.
     Blythe, blythe, &c.

     Her looks were like a flow'r in May,
     Her smile was like a simmer morn:
     She tripped by the banks o' Earn,
     As light's a bird upon a thorn.
     Blythe, blythe, &c.

     Her bonie face it was as meek
     As ony lamb upon a lea;
     The evening sun was ne'er sae sweet,
     As was the blink o' Phemie's e'e.
     Blythe, blythe, &c.

     The Highland hills I've wander'd wide,
     And o'er the Lawlands I hae been;
     But Phemie was the blythest lass
     That ever trod the dewy green.
     Blythe, blythe, &c.

Written at Oughtertyre. Phemie is Miss Euphemia Murray, a cousin of Sir William Murray of Oughtertyre.—Lang.