Mr. William Smellie—A Sketch

     Shrewd Willie Smellie to Crochallan came;
     The old cock'd hat, the grey surtout the same;
     His bristling beard just rising in its might,
     'Twas four long nights and days to shaving night:
     His uncomb'd grizzly locks, wild staring, thatch'd
     A head for thought profound and clear, unmatch'd;
     Yet tho' his caustic wit was biting-rude,
     His heart was warm, benevolent, and good.

Rattlin', Roarin' Willie[1]

     As I cam by Crochallan,
     I cannilie keekit ben;
     Rattlin', roarin' Willie
     Was sittin at yon boord-en';
     Sittin at yon boord-en,
     And amang gude companie;
     Rattlin', roarin' Willie,
     You're welcome hame to me!

William Dunbar, W. S., of the Crochallan Fencibles, a convivial club.