Kevin Bacon
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Sizzlin' Bacon

by Beth Rowen

Kevin Bacon
Source: Archive Photos

If Hollywood were to throw a birthday bash for one of its own, which star would likely boast the longest guest list? Jack Nicholson? Leo DiCaprio? Madonna? Indeed, an impressive group of well-wishers would turn out for these celebs, but our money's on Kevin Bacon. The film, television and stage actor, musician and director is thisclose to virtually every star who has ever graced the silver screen, evidenced by the popular Internet game the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which claims to link any actor to Kevin Bacon in six or fewer steps.

In fact, six other actors share Bacon's July 8 birthday and they all connect to him in two steps: Anjelica Huston was in Frances with Kevin Costner, who was in JFK with Bacon; Marty Feldman was in Silent Movie with Burt Reynolds, who was in Starting Over with Bacon; Barbara Loden was in Fade-In with Burt Reynolds, who was in Starting Over with Bacon; Kim Darby was in The Grissom Gang with Mort Marshall, who was in Starting Over with Bacon; Faye Emerson was in A Face in the Crowd with Walter Matthau, who was in JFK with Bacon; Pamela Brown was in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever with Jack Nicholson, who was in A Few Good Men with Bacon; Craig Stevens was in Gunn with Edward Asner, who was in JFK with Bacon.

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