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Asian Food Primer: Filipino Food

by David Johnson

Asian Foods Guide

Common ingredients and popular dishes of various cultures.

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As a crossroads, the Philippines has been influenced by many cultures. Chinese, Malay, Spanish, American, Indian, Arab, and even Mexican influences can be detected in Filipino cooking.

Common ingredients:


fish, beef, pork, chicken, rice, soybeans, corn, coconuts, pineapples, melons, spices

Popular dishes:

lechon (roast pork); sinegang (fish stew); pancit (noodles with meat and vegetables); fresh or fried lumpia (egg rolls); halo halo (milkshake with beans, gelatin, milk, shaved ice, fresh fruit, and ice cream); lecheflan (custard); dinaguan (soup); adobo (chicken and pork stew); misua (angel hair noodle soup); coconut cake; Philippine fruit salad, mechado (Philippine beef stew)

More Information:

Map of Philippines

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