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(Encyclopedia) culture culture, in anthropology, the integrated system of socially acquired values, beliefs, and ...
tissue culture
(Encyclopedia) tissue culture tissue culture, the propagation of plants through the placement of small amounts of ...
Eastern Woodlands culture
(Encyclopedia) Eastern Woodlands culture Eastern Woodlands culture, term used to refer to Native American ...
Ethical Culture movement
(Encyclopedia) Ethical Culture movement Ethical Culture movement, originating in the Society for Ethical Culture, ...
culture: The Nature of Culture
(Encyclopedia) The Nature of Culture Culture is based on the uniquely human capacity to classify experiences, ...
culture: Theories of Culture
(Encyclopedia) Theories of Culture Investigations have arisen from belief in many different theories of culture ...
Helladic culture
(Encyclopedia) Helladic culture: Helladic culture: see Mycenaean civilization.
cultural pluralism
(Encyclopedia) cultural pluralism: cultural pluralism: see multiculturalism.
Anasazi culture
(Encyclopedia) Anasazi culture Anasazi culture : see Basket Makers; cliff dwellers; Pueblo.
Villanovan culture
(Encyclopedia) Villanovan culture Villanovan culture, the culture of a people of N Italy in the early Iron Age ...
Folsom culture
(Encyclopedia) Folsom culture Folsom culture , a group of Paleo-Indians (see Americas, antiquity and prehistory of ...
Clovis culture
(Encyclopedia) Clovis culture Clovis culture, a group of Paleo-Indians (see Americas, antiquity and prehistory of ...
Cultural Revolution
(Encyclopedia) Cultural Revolution Cultural Revolution, 1966–76, mass mobilization of urban Chinese youth ...
culture: Bibliography
(Encyclopedia) Bibliography See studies by G. W. Stocking, Jr. (1968), R. Wagner (1981), M. S. Archer (1988), A. ...
(Encyclopedia) multiculturalism multiculturalism or cultural pluralism,a term describing the coexistence of many ...

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