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The Simpsons Movie
What band performs at the beginning of the movie in Springfield? [ more ]
Incendiary Comments Quiz, 2007
Who said: "I don't want to be invited to the family hunting party." [ more ]
People in the News, 2007
How many homers did it take Barry Bonds to break the record? [ more ]
Places in the News, 2007
Monks led widespread anti-government protests in what country in September? [ more ]
2007 Entertainment Quiz
Who was named American Idol of 2007 and later released the song "Tattoo?" [ more ]
Christmas Customs Around the World Quiz
In Belgium, St. Nicholas pays how many visits to each house? [ more ]
History of the Nobel Prize Quiz
How many Nobel Prizes are currently awarded each year? [ more ]
Toy Trivia Quiz
Which of these is not a recent Crayola crayon color? [ more ]
Incendiary Comments of 2007
Who made this comment at a speech at Columbia University in September? "We don't have homosexuals like in your country." [ more ]
Jewish Holidays
Which of the following holidays is the Jewish New Year? [ more ]

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