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Poetry Terms Quiz
Haiku originated in . . . [ more ]
Kentucky Derby Quiz
How long is the Kentucky Derby? [ more ]
Movie Quotes Quiz
Who said: "All right, Mr. De Mille. I'm ready for my close-up." [ more ]
Shakespeare's Life and Times Quiz
William Shakespeare was reportedly born and died on what day? [ more ]
Seder Savvy Quiz
Why is there a Seder on Passover? [ more ]
American Idol Quiz
Who are the American Idol judges? [ more ]
Shakespeare Quotes Quiz
What confused young man said, "To be or not to be"? [ more ]
Name the Poet Quiz
This romantic poet was inspired by a vision . . . [ more ]
Hip Hop History Quiz
In the 1970s, an East Bronx gang named Savage Seven started to organize cultural events for youths. The gang members formed a hip-hop awareness group in 1973 called what? [ more ]
Women Adventurers Quiz
Who beat the fictitious Phileas Fogg by going around the world in 72 days rather than 80? [ more ]