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The New Yorker
Web Sightings
An idiosyncratic list of our favorite online haunts
November 27, 2000

Information Please
"Enthusiasts of the on-line Encyclopedia Britannica my claim that the Internet needs no other reference works. Not so…If you need quick access to a dictionary, almanac, or atlas, bypass Britannica for Information Please. The site has daily news and weather, a special section for kids, and a satisfying collection of capsule biographies that span entertainment, sports politics, and more. Where else can you find Albert Achilles, André Mason, and Bernie (Boom Boom) Geoffrion all under the same roof?"

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
Maps on Net Ease Travel to Anywhere
Sept. 11, 2000

"This mega-reference site [] for elementary students combines a user-friendly format with flashy graphics. Pages are packed with data on everything from dragons and giants to the latest dinosaur discoveries."


100 Best Sites
September 2000

"Reference Desk - Throw out those bulky reference books. Instead, look up meanings of words, flip through encyclopedia entries and more online.
Information Please
This is the digital edition of the standard desktop reference.

Infoplease World History
May 29, 2000
"Even if you're not a history buff, this is a remarkable site in that it covers the entire history of the world. This is the way history should be taught; it would keep students engaged."

300 Incredible Things to Learn on the Internet

300 Incredible Things to Learn on the Internet
April 2000

Consumer reporter Robyn Spizman and Ken Leebow said about the Information Please Almanac and Kids' Almanac: "These online almanacs have current and historical news on almost every subject."


Life Skills 4 Kids
Web Discoveries: for teachers, parents & kids
February 2000

"Wow, I wish they had this when *I* was a kid. . . The Kid's Almanac is a treasure trove of interesting facts, links, news articles, scientific information and history. . . We suggest sitting with your child to explore this site together - you'll both learn a lot and have a ball!

PC Magazine

PC Magazine
After Hours: Online Encyclopedias
January 18, 2000

"You can get a lot of the encyclopedias' content online—sometimes free... You might also want to check out Information Please Almanacs."

The New York Times
Infoplease Homework Center
January 6, 2000

"The Homerwork Center is a strong, reliable solution to homework trouble..." For more of this article, please see "Homework Help Sites (Or, the Dog Ate My U.R.L.)"

Yahoo! Internet Life

Yahoo! Internet Life
101 Most Incredibly Useful Sites
January, 2000

Useful Reference Site
Answer a Trivia Question: "What is the state flower of Alabama? You'll find the answer to such basic (yet puzzling) questions as this at the online version of this enduring reference. Most useful is its Fact Finder, a searching tool you get to keep at your virtual side as you browse the Web. (Oh – the answer is, of course, the camellia.)"

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