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Moms on Television

Who is your favorite TV mom?

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<strong>Kitty Forman</strong> (That '70s Show) 27%
<strong>Rochelle Rock</strong> (Everybody Hates Chris) 17%
<strong>Lois</strong> (Malcolm in the Middle) 15%
<strong>Miranda Hobbes</strong> (Sex and the City)11%
<strong>Bree Van De Kamp</strong> (Desperate Housewives) 11%
<strong>Christine Campbell</strong> (The New Adventures of Old Christine)9%
<strong>Lucille Bluth</strong> (Arrested Development)6%
<strong>Vicky Gold</strong> (The War at Home)5%
Total votes cast: 2191
poll first posted on May 4, 2006

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