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2004 Media Coverage

Which of these world events do you think should have received more media coverage this year?

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<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922755">Crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan</a>13%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922757">North Korea's nuclear activities</a>8%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922759">The war in Afghanistan</a>8%
<a href="/ipa/A0922747.html#A0922748">The insurgency in Iraq</a>7%
<a href="/spot/04olympics.html">The Athens Olympics</a>7%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922757">Iran's nuclear activities</a>7%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922759">Haiti's coup and subsequent humanitarian crisis</a>7%
<a href="/ipa/A0922747.html#A0922749">The Abu Ghraib prison scandal</a>6%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922758">The hostage crisis in Beslan, Russia</a>6%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922758">The Madrid bombing</a>6%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922756">The Israeli-Palestinian crisis</a> 6%
<a href="/ipa/A0108070.html">The election crisis in Ukraine</a>6%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922759">The Venezuelan recall referendum</a>6%
<a href="/ipa/A0922754.html#A0922757">Nuclear proliferation by Pakistan's A. Q. Khan</a>6%
Total votes cast: 2025
poll first posted on December 15, 2004

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