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Chemical Element Symbol Key

Columbia Encyclopedia
Silicon (Si)
Symbol: Al
Atomic Number: 13
Atomic Weight: 26.981539
Element Classification: Other Metal
Discovered By: Hans Christian Oersted
Discovery Date: 1825 (Denmark)
Name Origin: Latin: alumen, aluminis, (alum).
Density (g/cc): 2.6989
Melting Point (K): 933.5
Boiling Point (K): 2740
Appearance: Soft, lightweight, silvery-white metal
Atomic Radius (pm): 143
Atomic Volume (cc/mol): 10.0
Covalent Radius (pm): 118
Ionic Radius: 51 (+3e)
Specific Heat (@20°C J/g mol): 0.900
Fusion Heat (kJ/mol): 10.75
Evaporation Heat (kJ/mol): 284.1
Thermal Conductivity (@25°C W/m K):
Debye Temperature (K): 394.00
Pauling Negativity Number: 1.61
First Ionizing Energy (kJ/mol): 577.2
Oxidation States: 3
Electronic Configuration: [Ne] 3s2 3p1
Lattice Structure: Face-Centered Cubic (FCC)
Lattice Constant (Å): 4.050
Lattice C/A Ratio: n/a

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