This was 60th day of the year and 305 days remained in the year.

March 1 Birthdays

Ralph Ellison
1914–1994, American author.

Frederic Chopin
composer (1810)

Augustus Saint-Gaudens
sculptor (1848)

Glenn Miller
bandleader, and composer (1904)

David Niven
actor (1910)

Robert Lowell
poet (1917)

Yitzhak Rabin
Israeli Prime Minister (1922)

Harry Belafonte
singer, actor (1927)

March 1 in History


The U.S. Congress authorized the first census.


Ohio became the 17th state in the United States.


Rebecca Lee was the first black woman awarded a medical degree.


Nebraska became the 37th state in the United States.


Yellowstone became the world's first National Park.


The 20-month-old son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped.


President John F. Kennedy signed a signed an executive order establishing the Peace Corps.


IRA member Bobby Sands began a hunger strike in Maze Prison; he would die 65 days later.

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