This was 188th day of the year and 177 days remained in the year.

July 7 Birthdays

Satchel Paige
(Leroy Paige), 1906–82, American baseball player, born in Mobile, Alabama.

Joseph Jacquard
inventor (1752)

Gustav Mahler
composer, conductor (1860)

Marc Chagall
painter (1887)

Robert A. Heinlein
science-fiction writer (1907)

Pierre Cardin
fashion designer (1922)

Ringo Starr
musician (1940)

Michelle Kwan
figure skater (1980)

July 7 in History


Twenty-five years after her execution, Pope Calixtus III annulled the heresy charges brought against Joan of Arc.


William Blount of Tennessee became the first U.S. senator to be impeached.


Commodore John D. Sloat occupied Monterey and declared California annexed to the United States.


The United States annexed Hawaii.


Italian-born Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini was canonized, becoming the first American saint.


President Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O'Connor for the Supreme Court.


52 people were killed and hundreds injured in London when terrorists bombed subways and a bus.

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