This was 30th day of the year and 335 days remained in the year.

January 30 Birthdays

Franklin D. Roosevelt
1882–1945, American President.

Barbara Tuchman
historian (1912)

Douglas Engelbart
inventor (1925)

Gene Hackman
actor (1930)

Richard Brautigan
writer (1935)

Vanessa Redgrave
actress (1937)

Richard Cheney
vice president of the United States (1941)

Michael Dorris
American Writer (1945)

Christian Bale
actor (1974)

January 30 in History


King Charles I of England was beheaded.


Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany.


Gandhi was assassinated.


North Vietnamese forces launched attacks against the South Vietnamese, beginning the Tet offensive.


British troops opened fire on civil rights marchers in Northern Ireland, sparking the "Bloody Sunday" massacre.


The Iranian civilian government announced that the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini would be allowed to return.

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