This was 27th day of the year and 338 days remained in the year.

January 27 Birthdays

Wolfgang Mozart
1756–1791, Austrian Composer.

Lewis Carroll
writer (1832)

Samuel Gompers
labor leader (1850)

Jerome Kern
composer (1885)

Hyman G. Rickover
admiral (1900)

Samuel C.C. Ting
physicist (1936)

Mikhail Baryshnikov
dancer (1948)

John G. Roberts, Jr.
jurist (1955)

Frank Miller
artist, writer (1957)

Tamlyn Tomita
actor (1966)

singer, music producer (1968)

January 27 in History


Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his incandescent light.


The Soviets announced the end of the two-year siege of Leningrad.


The Russians liberated Auschwitz concentration camp, where the Nazis had killed over 1.5 million people, including over 1 million Jews.


The U.S. Air Force started atomic testing in the Nevada desert.


The Apollo I fire killed astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee during a simulated launch at Cape Canaveral.


Vietnam War peace accords were signed in Paris.

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