This was 47th day of the year and 318 days remained in the year.

February 16 Birthdays

Henry Adams
1838–1918, American writer and historian.

Frederick William
the Great Elector (1620)

Heinrich Barth
explorer (1821)

Robert Flaherty
explorer and film producer (1884)

Katharine Cornell
actress (1898)

George F. Kennan
diplomat and historian (1904)

Sonny Bono
entertainer, politician (1935)

Richard Ford
novelist (1944)

LeVar Burton
actor (1957)

John McEnroe
tennis player (1959)

February 16 in History


U.S. frigate Philadelphia, captured and held by Barbary pirates at Tripoli during the Tripolitan War, was set fire to and destroyed by a small group of men led by Stephen Decatur.


Lithuania proclaimed its independence from Russia.


The tomb of King Tutankhamen, discovered in 1922, was opened.


Nylon was patented.


Fidel Castro became the leader of Cuba after having ousted the right-wing dictator Fulgencio Batista.


The country's first 911 phone system went into service in Haleyville, Ala.


Turkish commandos captured Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya, sparking seizures of embassies in Europe by Kurds.

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