This was 214th day of the year and 151 days remained in the year.

August 2 Birthdays

Isabel Allende
1942–,Chilean novelist,.

Pierre Charles L'Enfant
soldier, engineer, and architect (1754)

Elisha Gray
inventor (1835)

John Sloan
artist (1871)

Myrna Loy
actress (1905)

Carroll O'Connor
actor (1922)

James Baldwin
novelist (1924)

Peter O'Toole
actor (1932)

August 2 in History


The first U.S. census was completed, showing a population of 3,929,214 people.


Wild Bill Hickok was murdered in Deadwood, S.D.


The first Lincoln penny was issued.


Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the United States, died in San Francisco.


PT-109, a torpedo boat commanded by Lt. John F. Kennedy, was sunk off the Solomon Islands by a Japanese destroyer.


The Potsdam Conference, in which Allied leaders planned the postwar governance of Germany, ended.


The Persian Gulf War broke out when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

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